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5 Tips for Dealers to Dominate Instagram

Don’t be the dealer that asks: “Did anyone get a picture of that”? Be the dealer who assigns the task.

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More than 300 million people worldwide use Instagram – – that’s up 50% from just 9 months ago. And a new study reveals many of the users, who tend to be “young” (44% are 18-29 years old), are using the site for shopping. So how can you reach this ready-to-buy audience? Here are some tips to make sure your Instagram grabs attention:

First, find someone or a few people, who understand your dealership and what you stand for. Put them in charge of taking great and aesthetically pleasing photos. Don’t be the dealer that asks: “Did anyone get a picture of that”? Be the dealer who assigns the task.

Make sure you know who you are trying to reach on Instagram and what they might like. Keep in mind Instagram is about lifestyle, so filling your feed with photos of vehicles on your showroom floor probably won’t get much attention. Find or take photos of those 4 wheels in action. Think of Instagram as the lifestyle magazine for your dealership.

Engage with your followers. Respond to their comments and even follow them back. Another point of the recent study about Instagram showed that 65% of users felt flattered when a brand “liked” one of their posts. Unlike other forms of social media, Instagram users didn’t feel the “like” was an intrusion or invasion of privacy.

Use Instagram to tell your story with photos and captions. If you have to use a product photo, make sure you include a creative or funny caption. Be likeable.

Spread the word! Remember to tell your other social media audiences that you are on Instagram. Your Facebook friends and Twitter followers likely won’t know you are on Instagram unless you cross promote.

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