Google and Twitter Are Back In Love

By Christina Wofford

What’s old is new again – – even in the world of social media.

Google is once again indexing Twitter as part of “real time” updates. This change means increased SEO for car dealerships. It also means a dealer’s Twitter content could be showing on the first page of search results when people search their brand, look for deals on models and source for information about service.

At Digital Air Strike we manage social media, including Twitter accounts, for thousands of dealers. Part of our Twitter “best practices” includes having content with:
google and twitter are back in love corvette Bob Stall Chevrolet

  • brand name
  • dealership name
  • cities that are important
  • model names
  • CPO, Used, New
  • Service keywords: tire, oil change, engine, A/C, etc.
  • Tweets with images and relevant hashtags will also help with Google ranking.

With over 2000 dealerships as clients and multiple OEM partnerships, Digital Air Strike is the leader in social media and reputation management for dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Our team spots trends, shares best practices and takes action on behalf of our dealer clients. Digital Air Strike is ready to properly implement and leverage all these new social media opportunities.

Google: One Big Reason Your Site Must Be Mobile-Friendly

By Christina Wofford

As the leading provider of social media and reputation management, one of the first things we tell our car dealer clients is to make sure their sites are mobile-friendly. Now that advice is even more important.
Starting April 21st, Google’s search algorithm began favoring mobile-friendly sites. That means if your site isn’t mobile friendly it will drop in search rankings. This update impacts searches from desktop computers and from mobile devices. The impact is even greater for dealers spending money on Google Ads, as the search rankings will drop among the ads as well.

Here are some tips to help you get started and to protect or improve your Google ranking:
• Make sure your site places the most searched content upfront for visitors
• Use your web analytics to find out who your users are, what devices they favor, and most importantly what content they are viewing
• Take a few minutes and test your site. Use the google mobile friendly testing tool to help with the basics

Want to see some real examples? We thought you might.
Automotive – Great Job



red car

  • Responsive Clean Design
  • Page loads quickly and properly
  • Google Bot can properly render the page
  • Users can easily navigate the site
  • Users can easily find offers & dealership locations

Hotels – Great Job

hotel Marriott











  • Responsive Design
  • Page loads quickly and properly
  • Google Bot can properly render the page
  • “Find a Hotel” is the first thing users see when they arrive
  • Latest offers are easily found

Page appears not mobile-friendly*

not mobile-friendly










  • Needs Improvement
  • Text too small to read
  • Mobile viewport not set
  • Links too close together
  • Content wider than screen
  • Uses incompatible plugins
  • *Google Bot cannot render this site

Search is ever-evolving. Take the time to evaluate your website and talk to your provider. Think like a consumer and you would be surprised how much of an impact it can have driving your business to the next level online.

Contact Digital Air Strike for a free Intel Report that surveys all your social media sites.

Digital Air Strike’s Co-founder and CEO Alexi Venneri Named One of Top Tech CEOs in Arizona

By Christina Wofford

488961-300-0Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike, the automotive social media and digital engagement company, was named one of the Top Tech Exec’s in Arizona in the category of Chief Executive Officer. The awards highlight dynamic and innovative technology leaders in Arizona. Alexi was selected from more than 150 nominees.

Executives from American Airlines, Choice Hotels, Telesphere (a Vonage Company), Salt River Project, and Arizona Public Service were also among the technology executives that were honored for their achievements.

The AZ Top Tech Exec award recognizes Alexi’s leadership at Digital Air Strike where she successfully combines her knowledge of marketing and technology to create the leading social media and digital marketing company in the automotive industry. Digital Air Strike’s innovative software and solutions-based services monitor and manage over 70 social media networks, automate customer feedback and respond to consumer leads and online reviews for thousands of clients on a daily basis.

”It’s a true honor to have our entire team be recognized for our commitment to bringing innovative technology solutions to thousands of businesses nationwide”, said Alexi. “It is exciting to see consumers also benefit from our technology as we are able to help them get the information they need through social networks and prospect micro-sites that we build in response to every inbound lead.”
Digital Air Strike’s patent-pending technology turns customer surveys into online reviews with leading review sites including, and This past year the company launched its Windows 8.1 based social media app which delivers an at-a-glance view of all online customer feedback from surveys, social and review sites. Clients have the ability to see survey statistics across their entire business and drill down to the individual employee ratings and reviews. Digital Air Strike’s technology has also been recognized by Microsoft when it chose to feature the company as a lead case study in its launch of the Azure cloud platform.

Under Alexi’s leadership, Digital Air Strike will soon be launching another industry first – its mobile app for the Apple Watch.

Facebook Makes Its Messenger App Business-Friendly and You Should Be Taking Advantage!

By Christina Wofford

Facebook recently announced it is making its Messenger app business-friendly. As the leading provider of social media and reputation management in the auto industry, Digital Air Strike is taking note – – making sure you can leverage this change to benefit your business and bring in more car buyers.

Here’s the Deal:

  • Once a customer purchases or expresses an interest in a product via a Facebook post, businesses will be able to initiate a conversation with that customer through Messenger.

Why Dealers Should Care:

  • Dealers can now have live conversations with a potential lead.
  • The personal connection makes all the difference since online forms are often abandoned.
  •  Once a client makes a purchase, your dealer can contact them in the future to inform them of products and services they would be interested in.
  •  Dealers who pay for chat providers could use Messenger instead.

Facebook’s update provides new opportunities for car dealers to connect with car buyers. It’s also a reminder that dealerships need to stay on top of what’s happening on social media and respond to what they see – – things Digital Air Strike does for thousands of clients every day.

Dealertrack Selects Digital Air Strike As A Certified Provider And Integration Partner For PaymentDriver

By Rachel Allen

SCOTTSDALE, AZ–(Marketwired – April 06, 2015) – Digital Air Strike (DAS), the automotive social media and digital engagement company, and Dealertrack Technologies (NASDAQ: TRAK) today announced they have entered into channel and product agreements to help dealer clients drive lead response and generation opportunities. Through the referral agreements, the DAS Response Logix® Smart Quote™ lead response and prospect nurturing solution will be easily accessible and integrated into Dealertrack’s digital marketing solution and Payment Driver™.

Digital Air Strike joins a premier group of market leaders as part of’s Certified Provider Program. To qualify for the program, companies and their products must have proven value, security, efficiency, and return on investment, giving customers added assurance that they are choosing high-quality, complementary software and services.

Dealertrack’s PaymentDriver, which was licensed from Dealertrack by DAS, is a state-of-the-art monthly payment calculator for dealerships. The integration makes click-of-the-mouse vehicle pricing immediately available inside Digital Air Strike’s Smart Quote — the core product in its Response Logix lead response and prospect nurturing solution.

Dealertrack’s PaymentDriver will drop into the Response Logix Smart Quote microsite and automatically display side-by-side lease and finance offers that conveniently factor in OEM, lender and regional rebates and incentives to ensure the consumer is getting the best lease or financing payment available.

Additional features and benefits include

  • Provide current APR rates from lenders you  select
  • VIN-specific residuals are included
  • Lender and manufacturer rebates and incentives  are applied
  • Include your dealership reserve and rate mark-up

“Leveraging Digital Air Strike’s Response Logix with our digital marketing and PaymentDriver solutions gives us a uniquely powerful means of targeting and generating quality leads for automotive retailers,” said Brian Green, Sr. Director, Corporate Business Development, Dealertrack Technologies. “Our Certified Provider Program assures our clients that the specialized partners we are integrating into our technologies are well-vetted, best-of-class products. We look forward to the added value Digital Air Strike will bring to our overall solution.”

“Digital Air Strike has won market share the hard way over the past half dozen years,” said Thom Brodeur, COO, Digital Air Strike. “We’ve done it one rooftop at a time. These complementary and parallel initiatives with Dealertrack allow us to accelerate our go-to-market efforts through partners who lead their markets. It also allows us to provide a larger universe of auto dealers access to the industry’s most ROI-conscious-and-measurable lead response solutions to sell and service more cars.”

Digital Air Strike Honored for Its Insight

By Christina Wofford

Digital Air Strike would like to thank DrivingSales for naming us as a semi-finalist in the DrivingSales Most Valuable Insight Competition that will take place at the DrivingSales President’s Club event in NYC on April 1, 2015. Our annual Automotive Social Media Trends Study was honored as a great contribution to the automotive industry.

The competition is meant to foster the spirit of progress and thought leadership in the auto industry. A panel of top Dealer Principals/Owners and General Managers from innovative dealerships across the U.S. selected Digital Air Strike based on its recent study. The dealers agreed that it was full of relevant and useful information that helps dealerships understand the impact of social media and reputation management in the automotive industry.

“We are honored to have been selected and proud that our annual study is being acknowledged for the important information it contains. We use it to stay ahead of trends and to help give dealers real insight into how they can use social media to engage with prospects and customers”, said Alexi Venneri, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike.

5 Tips for Dealers to Dominate Instagram

By Christina Wofford

GM in snow (2)More than 300 million people worldwide use Instagram – – that’s up 50% from just 9 months ago. And a new study reveals many of the users, who tend to be “young” (44% are 18-29 years old), are using the site for shopping. So how can you reach this ready-to-buy audience? Here are some tips to make sure your Instagram grabs attention:

1. Find someone or a few people, who understand your dealership and what you stand for. Put them in charge of taking great and aesthetically pleasing photos. Don’t be the dealer that asks: “Did anyone get a picture of that”? Be the dealer who assigns the task.

2. Ask happy car buyers if they want a photo taken of them in their new car. Take the photo on the customer’s phone and ask them to tag the dealership when they share it on social sites.

3. Make sure you know who you are trying to reach on Instagram and what they might like. Keep iVeteran (2)n mind Instagram is about lifestyle, so filling your feed with photos of vehicles on your showroom floor probably won’t get much attention. Find or take photos of those 4 wheels in action. Think of Instagram as the lifestyle magazine for your dealership. Be funny. Be creative. Be likeable.

4. Communicate with your followers. Respond to their comments and even follow them back. Another point of the recent study about Instagram showed that 65% of users felt flattered when a brand “liked” one of their posts. Unlike other forms of social media, Instagram users didn’t feel the “like” was an intrusion or invasion of privacy.

5. Engage and Spread the word! Remember to share as well! Tell your other social media audiences that you are on Instagram. Your Facebook friends and Twitter followers likely won’t know you are on Instagram unless you cross promote.

DAS Dealers Ahead of Others – Including Facebook When It Comes to Social Intel

By Christina Wofford

Ever wonder what people are saying about your business on Facebook? Soon Facebook will start telling you. The social media site is in the testing phase of giving Topic Data to select partners.

Topic Data is essentially what people are saying about your industry and your products. For example, a pet store can find out what brands customers want or what pet-related activities are happening in the area based on what people are saying on Facebook. Facebook is partnering with DataSift to find the data and, for now, is only making the information available to select DataSift partners.

Digital Air Strike already has much of this information as we manage thousands of dealers’ Faceboook pages. This gives us insight into what people across North America are experiencing when it comes to car buying – – including what works to bring them into a dealership and how our dealer clients are closing sales.

Most importantly, our Facebook ads team has targeting and promoting ads down to a science. We can pinpoint Facebook users based on some really specific things including: how old their car is, if they are in the market for a car, the cars they like, their location, income, interests, behaviors, and age.

So while many business owners are waiting for Facebook’s Topic Data to become available to them, Digital Air Strike’s clients should know: We’ve got you covered.

Here is Facebook’s post about Topic Data in its entirety:

March 10, 2015
Topic Data: Learn What Matters to Your Audience
Marketers want to understand what people think about topics related to their business, so they can make their products and marketing more relevant to their customers. In the past they’ve looked at the things people share online to get an idea of what people care about, but, until now, the information available offered a limited view. To make marketing content more relevant for people and more effective for marketers, we’re introducing topic data to select Facebook partners.

What is topic data?
Topic data shows marketers what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities, all in a way that keeps personal information private. Marketers use the information from topic data to make better decisions about how they market on Facebook and other channels, and build product roadmaps.
For example, with topic data:

A business selling a hair de-frizzing product can see demographics on the people talking about humidity’s effects on their hair to better understand their target audience.
A fashion retailer can see the clothing items its target audience is talking about to decide which products to stock.
A brand can see how people are talking about their brand or industry to measure brand sentiment.

While this type of data has been available from third parties before, the sample size was often too small to be significant and determining demographics was nearly impossible. With topic data, we’ve grouped data and stripped personal information from Facebook activity (not including Messenger) to offer insights on all the activity around a topic. That means marketers get a holistic and actionable view of their audience for the first time. It’s important to note that topic data provides guidance for marketers but it cannot be used to target ads directly.

Personal information stays private
Like other insights information on Facebook, all the information used for topic data is anonymized and aggregated. We are not disclosing personally identifying information to anyone, including our partners and marketers. And, the results delivered to marketers are analyses and interpretations of the information, not actual topic data.

Turning data into actionable insights
To help us develop and scale topic data, we’re partnering with DataSift, a trusted leader in the data industry. We want to make sure the information we provide is useful to marketers, so we’re using DataSift’s technology to power the platforms that turn the data into insights.
“When marketers have a deeper understanding of people and what they are interested in, they can create more relevant experiences for their audiences. We focus on providing WPP’s clients with insights into what people say and think about their brands and products. By looking at topic data, we empower brands to make smarter marketing decisions. And we’ve worked with DataSift for some time—the way they cleverly collect and organize data continues to make it simple for WPP to ingest, connect and leverage it across the agency network.” — Nick Nyhan, CEO of WPP’s Data Alliance

We are still discovering all the ways topic data can help marketers, so, to start, topic data will only be available to a limited number of DataSift’s partners in the US and UK. (The data will be limited to those countries too, to start, and every partner DataSift works with for topic data is reviewed and approved by Facebook.) Our plan is to iterate on topic data thoughtfully and deliberately, and look to expand its availability at a later date.

Exclusive Partnership With MerchantCircle

By Digital Air Strike

This First-of-Its-Kind Integration for the Automotive Industry Will Optimize Online Business Listings, Increase Four and Five Star Review Ratings, and Improve the Consumer Review Experience for Auto Dealerships

SCOTTSDALE, AZ-(January 23, 2015) – Digital Air Strike, the automotive social media and digital engagement company, today announced another new partnership with a leading online social network for local business owners, MerchantCircle, a division of Reply! Inc.

This collaboration leverages Digital Air Strike’s innovative survey technology to integrate with MerchantCircle’s listings and reviews platform seamlessly to allow auto dealerships to provide an easier, more automated method for posting car buyer / owner reviews.

This integration is available exclusively through Digital Air Strike’s Review Surge solution, which automatically generates a survey after a customer buys or services a vehicle at a dealership. After the consumer finishes the brief survey they can indicate if they want to share the review on MerchantCircle. From there, Review Surge automatically populates the dealership’s listing with the customer review on

“We are excited about the positive impact the partnership with Digital Air Strike will have on local auto dealerships on our platform,” said Pablo Carrega, General Manager, of MerchantCircle. “We have a shared mission to empower small businesses with the vital marketing tools to boost their online reputation and visibility.”

For auto dealerships, this integration not only increases the number and frequency of reviews on MerchantCircle, but it also provides a more accurate and robust view of the dealership customers’ purchase or service experience. This increase of reviews on MerchantCircle will increase the dealership’s visibility on search engines. In addition to the review propagation, Digital Air Strike dealerships will have “enhanced” listings on MerchantCircle that block competitor ads on their listings.

For car buyers and owners, this integration provides a simple way to share their experiences through a brief, automated survey. The increased volume of peer reviews and context provided through these surveys gives the consumer a more accurate view of the dealership with which they are considering doing business.

MerchantCircle is the third major partnership like this for dealerships who work with Digital Air Strike. Digital Air Strike dealerships already benefit from similar integrations with leading auto review sites and

“We have already benefitted from Digital Air Strike’s existing partnerships with and and are looking forward to the addition of MerchantCircle. The more sites we can get reviews on from our customers, the more customers we have coming into our showroom and service bay,” said Brad Mugg, General Manager, Conant Automotive Group.”

Twitter Releases Sharing via Direct Message Update

By Digital Air Strike


Using Twitter’s new “Share via Direct Message” feature, your business can easily include customer Tweets when following up on past inquiries or issues.

Since Twitter started, it has been one of the most open sites in terms of social conversation with updates that are available to anyone, not just friends or followers. Although this new messaging option wasn’t in huge demand amongst Twitter users for this reason, it will allow the site to move further into the growing trend of mobile messaging.

Aside from giving users a way to transition from an open dialogue to a private conversation, this update can greatly impact the way that your business communicates with customers.

Currently, Facebook does not allow companies to directly contact customers without the customer initiating the private conversation. By using Twitter creatively and attentively, you can have an significant impact on your online relationships.

The lifespan of the average Tweet doesn’t extend past 24 hours, leading to a shorter attention span from its users. If you respond privately to a customer or potential customer even a couple days after their initial Tweet was sent, some context will be needed to jog their memory. Taking the time to explain why you’re reaching out could lead to more missed and forgotten conversations.

By including their original comment when responding to a customer, you can shave off minutes from your response time, which is valuable on a site that’s all about what’s happening now. Having their own words within the conversation also allows your customer to more easily return to the frame of mind they were in when they wrote their original update.

This new messaging feature also opens up the possibility of building more long-lasting relationships with your fans. The person that casually told you they wanted to look for a new car “in a few months” can now be easily reminded of your dealership. The fact that you remembered them weeks or months later will do even more to show that your business cares about customer relationships.