Personalized Local Search Continues to Evolve – Foursquare is in the Game

By Digital Air Strike


Foursquare recently revealed a new look, a new logo, and most importantly, they announced a new feature that will be a core focus of their business going forward – personalized local search.

Foursquare is launching an individualized service that presents a completely customized experience for all of their users. With this new update, Foursquare will take users’ likes, tastes and friends, and present them with a unique app experience.

Customers who use Foursquare exclusively to find local businesses will no longer have to worry about the app’s check-in feature, while those who use Foursquare to connect with friends now have a new app that is more social, Swarm.

What does this mean to you?

  • Starting on 7/24, your customers will need to download Swarm to check-in.
  • Check-ins, tips and business information will begin to be populated seamlessly via Swarm.
  • As shown in the photo below, both apps will contain almost identical information. However customers using Swarm will be able to check-in at your dealership, whereas those who use Foursquare will only be able to see your dealership’s information, location and tips.
  • Foursquare and Swarm will begin to collect consumer preferences and customize the users’ experiences. Using this consumer information, Foursquare will be able to direct car buyers to your dealership in a more targeted manner.
  • For example, if someone is shopping for a car and checks-in at multiple dealerships nearby, Foursquare will suggest similar businesses in the area, like YOU! By providing excellent service and encouraging customers to leave positive feedback on Foursquare, you can gain leverage over your competitors.
  • Continue to garner check-ins and comments from your customers, as well as your employees using Swarm.
  • Reach out to your Dealer Advocate for suggestions and input about implementing a customer check-in program at your dealership.



Top 10 Tips to Follow When Sourcing Potential Social Media and Reputation Management Partners

By Digital Air Strike

With over five years of experience helping thousands of dealers with their social media marketing and online reputation, we are often asked what dealers should look for in a partner.

We’ve come up with our top tips for questions you should ask and information a vendor should willingly provide. The answers will help you separate marketing hype from actual facts while helping you determine the actual ROI you should receive from each vendor regardless of investment level.

Download our Top 10 Tips to Follow When Sourcing Potential Social Media and Reputation Management Partners


Facebook Updates Algorithm to Include Video Statistics

By Digital Air Strike

Recently, Facebook updated their algorithm to include new rankings for videos uploaded to the site. According to Facebook, in the past six months, video views on Facebook have doubled. With this new change, Facebook will ensure that users see videos that are most relevant to them.

Video ranking in the new algorithm will take into account a number of factors, including:

  • How long a video was watched by a user: If your video is only watched for a few seconds, this means that your content is not appropriate for your Facebook fans.
  • Number of views
  • Engagement (likes, shares, comments)

Users who regularly watch videos on Facebook will start to see more of this content in their News Feed, while users who frequently scroll past videos will see less.

What does this mean for you? As discussed in our previous blog post regarding the decline in Facebook reach, it is important to cater your content to the interests of your Facebook fans. If you see more engagement or a higher reach when you post videos, this is a clue that your fans frequently watch videos. If not, then it is time to put the camera down and focus on posting content that captures your audience more effectively.

Digital Air Strike Introduces: One-of-a-Kind Integration

By Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike has partnered with not one, but TWO of the top dealer review sites to turn customer surveys into actual online reviews.

Our exclusive survey technology, Review Surge, works seamlessly with the dealer DMS system to send nightly surveys to customers, encouraging them to leave feedback on various review sites.

With this new integration, Digital Air Strike, partnered with and, is making it even easier for customers to leave positive feedback on the top two review sites. According to our 2013 Automotive Social Media Trends Study, 47% of customers start their shopping process on one of these two sites.

For dealerships, this new product not only increases the number and frequency of reviews on, but it also provides a more robust view of their car shoppers’ sales and service experiences.

For dealership customers, the integration provides an easy, automated way to share their experience on For consumers in general, the additional volume of reviews gives them a more accurate sense of what they can expect if they choose to visit the dealership for sales or service.

Don’t believe us? Just ask our customers:

“Digital Air Strike for over a year and a half. During that time we have increased our Facebook ‘Likers’ and our positive reviews tremendously.” – Eve Lacher, Internet Sales Manager, Wally Armour Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Join us Wednesday, July 2, for a short, informative webinar on our integration and how it can help your dealership.

Facebook’s Organic Reach is in Decline: Why? What Can I Do?

By Digital Air Strike

We have all seen the consistent decrease in organic reach on Facebook in the past year. Overall, the decline is due to three factors: content, competition and relevancy.

There is now more content being created than there is time to read it. According to Facebook, “On average, there are 1,500 stories that could appear in a person’s News Feed each time they log onto Facebook.” For those that are especially active and have a lot of friends, this number could reach upwards of 15,000 potential stories.

Due to this fact, there is now greater competition for businesses on Facebook. In addition to the increasing amount of content, the total number of Facebook Pages liked by an average user grew more than 50% just last year.

The News Feed algorithm also plays a big part in how your stories are consumed by fans. Facebook uses thousands of factors to determine which stories are most relevant to a particular user. Of the 1,500+ stories a person might see when they log onto Facebook, the News Feed displays approximately 300. Defining what content is most useful and relevant to your Facebook fans is a key component to increasing your chances of being one of those 300 stories.

This overall decrease in organic reach is not going to stop. Organic page reach is projected to drop to 1% or less. An important tip to help your page survive is to make sure you have specific goals for your Facebook page and use Facebook Ads to target users that will help achieve these objectives.

For additional information on Facebook Organic Reach, as well as Facebook Ads, watch our recorded webinar, “Facebook’s Organic Reach is in Decline: Why? What Can I Do?

Digital Air Strike Announces First-of-its-Kind Integration with

By Digital Air Strike

Blog Graphic_2for2

Digital Air Strike, the nation’s leading automotive social media, online reputation and lead-response company, today announced yet another new partnership with a top review site – – a leading car-shopping website with the goal of “making car buying easy.”

This new partnership leverages Digital Air Strike’s exclusive survey technology to integrate with to seamlessly allow dealerships to turn consumer survey feedback into public reviews on Digital Air Strike now has survey integration with the top two dealership review sites, and, as ranked by car buyers in the 2013 Automotive Social Media Trends Study.

This integration is available exclusively through Digital Air Strike’s Review Surge 3.0 solution, which automatically generates a survey after a customer buys or services a vehicle at a dealership. The dealership’s Dealer Management System (DMS) triggers a survey with the option of seamlessly leaving customer feedback on once their feedback successfully passes moderation process, ensuring reviews that are generated are “verified customer reviews”. This is a turnkey way for dealerships to leverage direct customer feedback to build review volume on

For dealerships, this new product not only increases the number and frequency of reviews on, but it also provides a more robust view of their car shoppers’ sales and service experiences. For dealership customers, the integration provides an easy, automated way to share their experience on For consumers in general, the additional volume of reviews gives them a more accurate sense of what they can expect if they choose to visit the dealership for sales or service.

“The results are impressive! Within only a few months of getting this new integration we generated 21 new sales and service reviews on alone and our star rating is five stars,” said Ryan Pesin, VP of Marketing at Ardmore Toyota, part of the Central Atlantic Toyota dealership region.

“We are already seeing positive results for dealers and car shoppers with our new Digital Air Strike integration,” said Mike Grave, Executive Director of Business Development of, “As the leading site for car shoppers and as a company that values innovation and transparency, we appreciate the many benefits being created by this application of our API.”

Seamless customer-to-review site integration is exclusively available to dealerships, manufacturers and dealer groups that work with Digital Air Strike.

How Google’s Panda 4.0 Update Will Affect Your Business’ SEO

By Digital Air Strike


Panda is an algorithm update that was first released by Google in 2011. Google often adds new features and updates to the algorithm, typically monthly.

However, Google has long stopped announcing algorithm updates publicly. Since Google decided to formally announce the new version of the Panda algorithm, it is likely that the change will produce significant results.

Panda was originally developed to decrease the visibility of low-quality content and create a better user-experience for Googlers. Panda is Google’s answer to the growing amount of spam websites that clog search results with meaningless content. The algorithm specifically looks for sites with copied content, as well as overused keywords and tags, and this new update will likely pinpoint and target these sites in a new, more sophisticated way.

Ways to keep your site from becoming mauled by the Panda:

Write your own original copy and content. Panda targets sites that have thin content that is not beneficial to users.
Use specific and targeted keywords when optimizing sites and content for SEO. Panda looks for websites and content that uses too many unrelated tags.
Use social media to create more engagement on your website. Strong engagement can keep the Panda at bay and increase your SEO ranking.

In short, don’t anger the Panda by trying to misuse search terms and keywords to increase your visibility. Create content that is relevant to your customers. Think of the searches you do and the results you want to see. What kinds of results are most useful to you as a search engine-user?

Yelp Video Reviews, Rolling out in June

By Digital Air Strike

Yesterday, Business Insider announced a new feature that Yelp will be rolling out this summer: video uploads.

Users will be able to upload videos using their mobile device, similar to how photo uploads are done. Videos can be between 3 and 12 seconds long, and early images of the video camera mode seems to mimic that of short-video-sharing giant, SnapChat, where in, the user clicks and holds the record button throughout the (up to 12 second) recording.

At the moment, it is unclear what the video guidelines will be and how the videos will be monitored for content. However, if the current success of video sharing apps like SnapChat and Vine are any indicator, this new addition should only add to the popularity of the review site’s already heavily trafficked mobile app.

Yelp will be offering the new feature to Elite users first, starting in June. Make sure to stay tuned for updates and video-review best practices.


Yelp Looks to Crackdown on “Review Mills” with New Consumer Alerts

By Digital Air Strike

Yesterday, Yelp announced the launch of a new feature that will alert your dealership if it detects multiple reviews from the same IP address. Yelp is attempting to crackdown on businesses that are creating fake reviews or that are pressuring customers to leave a review from a company-owned computer.

The timing seems a bit perplexing, as Yelp has recently launched the “add review” function to their mobile app. This new feature allows users to leave a review directly from their mobile device, which has more than likely increased the amount of onsite reviews across industries.

The problem with this is, if these mobile and tablet users are leaving reviews while connected to your dealership’s WiFi, you could possibly receive one of these new consumer alerts.

In order to keep your dealership from being flagged, make sure your staff, as well as any Yelp signage, encourages customers to leave a review, but to logoff of your free WiFi first, so Yelp knows they are real, red-blooded, money-spending customers.


Yelp customer alert



Kudzu is Revamping Site to Improve Customer Experience

By Digital Air Strike

Later this month, will be revamping their site to improve customer experience when searching for businesses. The update will include a simpler review process, as well as improved profiles that include additional social aspects and eye-catching page layouts that make your business stand out.

Some more updates include:

• Bigger, attention-grabbing profiles that allow your business’ contact information to stand out.
• A more user-friendly review system that will make it easier for your customers to leave feedback about your business.
• Emergency service search
• Improved photo, video and social-sharing integration that will allow businesses to showcase multiple photos and videos.
• A new website layout that will show business categories at the top of the page, making it easier for customers to search for and find your business based on their needs.