Twitter Releases Sharing via Direct Message Update

By Digital Air Strike


Using Twitter’s new “Share via Direct Message” feature, your business can easily include customer Tweets when following up on past inquiries or issues.

Since Twitter started, it has been one of the most open sites in terms of social conversation with updates that are available to anyone, not just friends or followers. Although this new messaging option wasn’t in huge demand amongst Twitter users for this reason, it will allow the site to move further into the growing trend of mobile messaging.

Aside from giving users a way to transition from an open dialogue to a private conversation, this update can greatly impact the way that your business communicates with customers.

Currently, Facebook does not allow companies to directly contact customers without the customer initiating the private conversation. By using Twitter creatively and attentively, you can have an significant impact on your online relationships.

The lifespan of the average Tweet doesn’t extend past 24 hours, leading to a shorter attention span from its users. If you respond privately to a customer or potential customer even a couple days after their initial Tweet was sent, some context will be needed to jog their memory. Taking the time to explain why you’re reaching out could lead to more missed and forgotten conversations.

By including their original comment when responding to a customer, you can shave off minutes from your response time, which is valuable on a site that’s all about what’s happening now. Having their own words within the conversation also allows your customer to more easily return to the frame of mind they were in when they wrote their original update.

This new messaging feature also opens up the possibility of building more long-lasting relationships with your fans. The person that casually told you they wanted to look for a new car “in a few months” can now be easily reminded of your dealership. The fact that you remembered them weeks or months later will do even more to show that your business cares about customer relationships.


Barlow Buick GMC Increases Positive Reviews with Help from Digital Air Strike

By Digital Air Strike


Since partnering with Digital Air Strike, Barlow Buick GMC Used Car Manager, Dave Barlow, has seen an overall boost in activity on third-party review sites, as well as an increase in Facebook engagement.

More importantly, they have also seen a tremendous increase in positive reviews. In only nine months, Barlow Buick GMC has gained 267 new reviews with an average 4.8-star rating!

With Digital Air Strike, you can rest easy knowing our expert social media and reputation management team has your needs covered.

Contact us for additional information on our pricing and packages.

Social Media Helps Connect Charity-Minded Dealership to their Community, Gaining National Attention from Edmunds

By Digital Air Strike

When a recent fire swept through the Sierra Nevada mountains, John L. Sullivan Chevrolet decided to give back to their local community, donating and delivering 7,500 bottles of Gatorade to firefighters.


Using social media, the dealership shared photos of their team loading the delivery truck, while spreading the word about the fire and inspiring others in the community to help. With some well-targeted ads, these posts on the dealership’s Facebook page gained an astounding 1,040 total post actions (including Likes, Shares, Comments, etc.) and over 13,000 people reached! eventually caught wind of the story, penning an article about the charity of owner, John Sullivan, as well as the power of social media. To end the article: “Edmunds says: A thoughtful gesture gets a lot of mileage for a community-minded dealership, thanks to social media.”

Be sure to read the full article, and visit John L. Sullivan’s Facebook page.

What’s the Big Secret?

By Digital Air Strike


As an industry authority, Automotive News recruited Digital Air Strike’s Alexi Venneri and Thom Brodeur to present this exciting automotive social media webinar, “The BIG Secret Your Ad Agency Doesn’t Want You to Know.”

During this session, two industry leaders will discuss their top tips to running a successful social media advertising campaign, including how to use new tools to target in-market car buyers and how to generate solid leads with a smaller ad spend.

What’s the secret? Download the encore presentation of this exciting and informative webinar to find out! is Bringing Selfie Back with #NewCarFace Campaign

By Digital Air Strike

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It may have been Oxford Dictionaries’ “word of the year” in 2013, but this year, is using selfies to increase social engagement among dealers and customers, connecting them in an interactive way.

This summer, began promoting their #NewCarFace campaign and contest. Although car-buyers are the main focus of the contest, there are many ways that your dealership can leverage this promotion to connect with customers after they’ve purchased their new car and build relationships that will last much longer than one sales visit.

The concept is simple:

  • Snap a photo to show off your best #NewCarFace.
  • Come up with a catchy caption. Don’t forget to use the hashtag!
  • Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter and mention @carsdotcom.
  • If you don’t have Twitter or Instagram, you can share your photo on’s Facebook page. Just make sure to include #NewCarFace somewhere in your post.

In January, will announce one winner and pay off their car loan up to $25,000. All recent new/used car buyers have a chance to win – possibly even someone who purchased from your dealership!

What does this mean for you?

The best time to get your customers to connect with your business on social media is before they have driven off the lot.

The most exciting moment of buying a new car is when the salesperson hands over the keys. With the #NewCarFace promotion, you can encourage your customers to share that exact moment with their friends and family while they are still at your dealership. As they are tagging @carsdotcom and showing off their new car, let them know that your dealership is on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, too.

Don’t let that initial “like” on Facebook be the end of the conversation. Continue to engage and build a relationship that will keep them coming back to do business with you for both your customer service excellence and your desire to connect beyond just a business transaction.

In addition to the positive social buzz your dealership will gain from having your satisfied customers promoting your business online, will select one dealership each month to be the #NewCarFace Featured Store. The winning store each month will be highlighted on the national Facebook page, allowing your team and satisfied customers to be featured.

Visit the #NewCarFace website for additional information, as well as rules and restrictions.

Facebook Announces New Tools for Events

By Digital Air Strike

After revoking the option for businesses to send event invites to all of their fans, Facebook is rolling out three new tools to improve the event experience for both businesses and users.

Desktop and Mobile News Feed Ads

In the coming weeks, Pages will begin to see the option to create desktop and mobile News Feed ads that “boost awareness of events and drive responses.” Previously, these types of ads were only shown in the right-hand column on desktop only.

Event Insights

Event hosts will now be able to view insights in the right-hand column of an event page, which will include information about the number of people who have seen a link to the event, the number of people who have viewed the event, and the number of joins, saves and maybes the event has received.

According to Facebook, “These insights represent the first step [Facebook is] taking to help Pages better understand what’s working and not working when promoting their events.”

Events for Users

Facebook will also be making new improvements to the event experience for users. Each user’s events page has a new look to better highlight upcoming events and showcase new events, including suggested events based on information such as the pages they like, their location and the day of the week. This is another way that your event can gain visibility amongst your customers.

Facebook Launches Cross-Device Ad Reporting

By Digital Air Strike


Last week, Facebook launched cross-device reporting for Facebook ads, which will enable Facebook advertisers to see how people are moving between devices before they convert.

This tool is becoming increasingly important as customers become multiple-screen users, who can, within the span of a day, view your business’ ad on their mobile device, tablet or desktop computer.

If someone sees an ad for a lease special at your dealership on their phone, odds are they aren’t going to immediately visit your website and schedule an appointment on their mobile device. Using this new tool, you will be able to see on which device customers saw your ad v. which device they were using at the point of conversion.

This data can help your business better understand how your customers shop for cars on their various devices. If users are consistently viewing your ads via mobile and converting later on their desktop, this can give you insight into how to better target your ads.


Automotive Brands are Making the Move to Tumblr

By Digital Air Strike

With Facebook’s organic reach in decline and Twitter’s content brevity, Tumblr is seeing a strong increase in brands moving to the site.

Tumblr is caught somewhere in the middle of Facebook and Twitter in terms of content, however content on Tumblr is seen long after tweets and Facebook posts become irrelevant.

While Twitter will gain more attention than Tumblr when an event is happening live, during the days that follow, content will continue to be circulated on Tumblr and will fade out of the Twitter spotlight.

In addition, in the last 6 months, Tumblr active usage has increased by 22 percent while Twitter and Facebook’s active usage decreased by three percent and six percent, respectively.

In a recent post on how automotive brands use Tumblr, the site said that “the automotive conversation on Tumblr is one of the largest and richest on the network, with 1.8M people participating every month.” In addition, auto manufacturers can also use the site to determine which trends and topics are being searched by their specific brand audience. For example, according to Tumblr’s data, Jeep and Mazda have audiences that are interested in off-roading and motorsports, while Lincoln and Cadillac appeal to a more “aesthetically-driven crowd.”

With automotive manufacturers moving their content to Tumblr, dealerships may benefit from increasing their presence on the blogging site.

Foursquare Adds Expertise Feature

By Digital Air Strike


Today, Foursquare announced yet another feature of their new app update: Expertise.

Similar to Yelp Elite users, those who frequently post popular tips on Foursquare can now become an expert badge in specific areas. However, unlike Yelp, which gives Elite status to Yelpers who leave frequent quality reviews in a variety of places, Foursquare awards users with expert status in specific topics (see example above, “Pizza Places Expertise”).

In theory, your dealership employees and customers that leave quality tips regarding your dealership or other dealerships in the area may gain an Expertise in cars or automotive businesses. If so, having these users visit your dealership may give you some extra klout.

App photos and update information courtesy of Foursquare blog.

Personalized Local Search Continues to Evolve – Foursquare is in the Game

By Digital Air Strike


Foursquare recently revealed a new look, a new logo, and most importantly, they announced a new feature that will be a core focus of their business going forward – personalized local search.

Foursquare is launching an individualized service that presents a completely customized experience for all of their users. With this new update, Foursquare will take users’ likes, tastes and friends, and present them with a unique app experience.

Customers who use Foursquare exclusively to find local businesses will no longer have to worry about the app’s check-in feature, while those who use Foursquare to connect with friends now have a new app that is more social, Swarm.

What does this mean to you?

  • Starting on 7/24, your customers will need to download Swarm to check-in.
  • Check-ins, tips and business information will begin to be populated seamlessly via Swarm.
  • As shown in the photo below, both apps will contain almost identical information. However customers using Swarm will be able to check-in at your dealership, whereas those who use Foursquare will only be able to see your dealership’s information, location and tips.
  • Foursquare and Swarm will begin to collect consumer preferences and customize the users’ experiences. Using this consumer information, Foursquare will be able to direct car buyers to your dealership in a more targeted manner.
  • For example, if someone is shopping for a car and checks-in at multiple dealerships nearby, Foursquare will suggest similar businesses in the area, like YOU! By providing excellent service and encouraging customers to leave positive feedback on Foursquare, you can gain leverage over your competitors.
  • Continue to garner check-ins and comments from your customers, as well as your employees using Swarm.
  • Reach out to your Dealer Advocate for suggestions and input about implementing a customer check-in program at your dealership.




UPDATE: 8/11/14

Foursquare just announced another great feature for local businesses. Where previously you could not directly write tips or post content as your business, now you can write a “business tip” that tells your customers what you’re known for or what you do best.

Your business tip will show up in a dedicated section on your listing, along with specials and offers.

Contact your Dealer Advocate to get more information on how your dealership can better utilize Foursquare’s new app features.