Keyser Miller Ford

“Give Customers What They Want”

Mary Stevens & Jim Ludwick, Internet Sales Managers

“Being able to make sure a quote is in the hands of their customers within a few minutes of their lead being received is a great benefit to Keyser Miller Ford,” according to Mary Stevens, Internet Sales Manager. “The effect of getting the quote so quickly from ResponseLogix® is that the customer is pleased they have the information they were looking for quickly, and look at you as being the first responder, deserving of their business,” Stevens believes.  Jim Ludwick, fellow Internet Sales Manager, adds “In today’s marketplace, most of the customers want a response that is very timely. They are looking for that information very quickly, and ResponseLogix helps me provide that information in a timely manner.”  The structure of the SmartQuote® auto price quote allows customers the opportunity to view different prices for a variety of model trims, including some pre-owned inventory the dealer has. This variety gives the customer a better perspective upon which to make a quick, educated decision.  As Ludwick puts it, “I like the format that is sent out to the customers… it gives them the impression that you are going beyond the vehicle that they are looking for on three different levels.” “The three used cars that come along with the quote will usually trigger customer to think that they can look beyond a new car to a pre-owned car because they are late model and what they are looking for… so we do turn a lot of our new customers into pre-owned buyers,” states Stevens.

The smartFollow® lead management product is an important part of the program. According to Stevens, “We do see one to two reactivations a day from smartFollow.” Those are customers who are ready to buy, so they are very valuable leads for the dealership.

Stevens has recommended ResponseLogix to other dealers because she thinks it’s “a great program that helps me do my job… and handle the customer all the way through the process.”

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