Sunnyvale Toyota

“Increased sales from 150 to 257 units a month”

Scott Pettitt, Direct Sales Director, Sunnyvale Toyota

When you’re already selling 150 cars a month with your internet unit, you’re doing pretty well. But when Toyota Sunnyvale, one of Ward’s eBusiness top 25 Internet dealers, started using ResponseLogix® as a lead and sales management tool, it saw its closing ratio jump 3 points, and monthly sales soared to an average of 257 – with a one-month high of 297 deals being closed.

Scott Pettitt is Sunnyvale’s Direct Sales Director and he says because ResponseLogix automatically does so much of the follow up work on web-based inquiries, he can give his people more leads. With an average of 100 leads per month for each salesperson, Scott’s team saves an average of 25 hours per month by using SmartQuote – 25 hours they can re-invest on the floor, phone, or on test drives. That extra time spent with customers is translating into more sales for the dealership and higher incomes for its sales people. “Because our people know their quotes are automatically going out with the ResponseLogix SmartQuote tool, when they’re in between deals, they can pick up the phone and set an appointment instead of answering quote requests.”

According to Scott, giving his people more time to work on their leads and make phone calls creates a better working environment. In turn, having a happier staff means customers get better service – which triggers even more sales. “It’s a real snowball effect,” says Scott.

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