Village Ford

Village Ford in Dearborn, MI has been a ResponseLogix customer for more than a year and General Manager Bob Wheat has been impressed with his results. Mr. Wheat had a lot of positive feedback about the SmartQuote, SmartFollow and SmartFacts solutions for his dealership.

SmartQuote and Village Ford – “We sell a lot of cars pretty quickly with ResponseLogix.”

The Village Ford team is quick to get on the phone with leads as soon as a SmartQuote is sent. Sales reps will typically walk the lead through the SmartQuote and discuss the multiple photos, videos, new and pre-owned vehicles and move toward getting an appointment. [ See a LIVE  SmartQuote ]

  • Lots of clickable links for customers to stay engaged with.
  • Use credit applications on SmartQuotes to speed up the process.
  • “What ResponseLogix has allowed us to do, it’s allowed us to get back to them immediately with a quote, per their specification, the type of vehicle they want. And its given us an opportunity to do that immediately and save the time for our people so we can get back to them much quicker” Bob Wheat.
  • Click to chat with third party chat provider including Contact at Once! and Active Engage.
  • Send-A-Quote tool allows reps to deliver a quote to any customer whether they are a walk-in, phone-up or chat.

SmartFollow and Village Ford
Mr. Wheat has been impressed by the long-term follow up in the SmartFollow solution. By providing dynamic email follow up and hyper-retargeting advertising to their shoppers Village Ford is able to stay in front of the customer much longer than other dealers.

  • SmartFollow dynamic emails can follow older leads for up to 180 days, always working, always inviting shoppers to re-engage.
  • SmartFollow Hyper-retargeting delivers  your dealership ads to shoppers featuring the exact car they requested a quote for.
  • “SmartFollow Hyper-retargeting has worked phenomenally. I know the customers in the market are seeing them and it’s working effectively. We didn’t even have to do anything, ResponseLogix took care of it for us,” said Village Ford’s Technical Operations Manager Derek Fournier.

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