Response Logix

Meet car buyers at the “Moment of Truth” with Response Logix®

The arrival of a sales lead is the “Moment of Truth”.  Your prospect has put you and two to four other dealers on trial. Initiate the relationship with a bang: Smart Quote® auto quote software.  After this game-changing immediate price quote response, it’s up to you to follow up with a timely phone call and persistent follow-up process for 7 -14 days.  When it’s time to move on, Response Logix® takes over.  Watch as Smart Follow® kicks in, delivering 180 days of persistent but spam-compliant inquiries. This best-practice email marketing program nurtures the customer towards revealing purchase status, and nudges him or her towards re-engagement.

With Response Logix and its powerful suite of products, you win your prospect’s confidence, first at the Moment of Truth and then increasingly over time as you deliver personalized messages designed to provoke a positive customer response. You have provided comprehensive information in response to your customer’s request. You have been persistent (without being annoying) in your follow-up. With our Response Logix Smart Quote software, you deliver a relevant quote response within 10 minutes of Internet lead receipt 95% of the time. Automatically follow-up and reactivate leads if the customer doesn’t buy right away with our Response Logix Smart Follow lead management solution. Proactively manage your Internet sales team with our Response Logix® Smart Facts® performance analytics tool.

Response Logix® Smart Quote® Overview

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