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Dominate the Competition – Be first, win your market.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Respond before the competition with the industry’s smartest lead response and prospect nurturing solution – Digital Air Strike’s Smart Quote 3.0 ™ with Smart Follow™ and Dealertrack® PaymentDriver™ – and sell and service more cars. Smart Quote with Smart Follow and PaymentDriver include an email quote and full microsite for every inbound lead as well as the ability to create them from your showroom floor in minutes. Get a huge competitive advantage with dynamic, multi-vehicle quotes that integrate with CRM and Dealertrack’s PaymentDriver pricing tool.



Dynamic and engaging quotes in minutes – convert shoppers to buyers now!

Smart Quote 3.0™ patented lead response technology ensures every lead receives a prompt and professional custom multi-vehicle quote 24/7, allowing the dealer the ability to respond quickly, review the quote before it goes out, and communicate with customers when they’re primed to buy or service their car.  This robust system makes multi-vehicle, regional inventory and vin-specific quoting easy and turnkey. Dealers can offer Zip-based pricing to customize price points for different locations. Sales managers can view, edit and control quotes before they get to the sales team. Smart Quote’s Open Notification feature tells dealers exactly when a customer is viewing the quote, creating the perfect opportunity to call, pitch and close at the most important time during the sales process.

Smart Quote


Show payment options in your quotes with Dealertrack® PaymentDriver™.

Smart Quote 3.0™ integrates Dealertrack’s PaymentDriver pricing configurator directly into quotes giving your customers real-time purchase or lease payment options. With Smart Quote 3.0™ leads can easily see all applicable manufacturer incentive programs and calculate multi-vehicle lease/finance options based on current rates without navigating away from the custom quote microsite.

Smart Quote integrates PaymentDriver


Turn old leads into new sales with Smart Follow™.

Smart Follow™ provides continuous follow-up on every new vehicle internet lead for up to 180 days with short transactional emails that reactivate ignored leads, and re-engage cold leads with your dealership.  Smart Follow™ allows sales reps to focus their energy on the most recent leads, and gives dealers the peace of mind that all your leads are being nurtured so that when the time is right, shoppers become buyers.

Smart Follow


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