Smart Follow

Pursue Sales Leads with Personalized Marketing

With Response Logix® Smart Follow® you will automatically pursue customers and keep them engaged throughout the car buying process. Smart Follow emails will reactivate customers into requesting a new price quote and scheduling a test drive.

Gather Intelligence on Sales Leads

Smart Follow transactional emails gather information from car shoppers and alert your sales team when a consumer is still interested in the original quoted vehicle, searching for alternative vehicles, or ready to schedule a test drive.  Email communications are personalized between the consumer and your assigned sales person. Additionally,  real-time notifications are provided each time prospects open SmartFollow emails from your dealership.

Save Time with Automated Lead Management

Schedule Smart Follow to activate email reminders and give your sales team more selling time. Smart Follow will alert your sales team through your CRM system when a consumer responds to messages. Automated reminders remove the risk of your sales team not sending prompt reminders. Learn how Bob Wheat, General Manager at Village Ford successfully uses Smart Follow and Smart Quote in his Internet Department.


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