Smart Quote

The Moment of Truth

Make the right first impression with the ResponseLogix® Smart Quote® automobile quoting solution. Promote your dealership as a high-quality service provider when you respond to every Internet lead within 10 minutes. With Smart Quote 3.0, you will deliver a strong first impression by addressing the four key questions prospects want answered:

  • Is the price fair?
  • Is the preferred model available?
  • Can you be trusted?
  • Will they receive quality customer service?

Response Logix® SmartQuote® Overview

Engage Consumers with a Powerful Multi-vehicle Price Quote

The new Response Logix SmartQuote delivers a multi-vehicle email quote inviting the shopper to visit a customized SmartQuote landing page.  Aggregated into the new SmartQuote are all the key purchase decision elements including

  • Multiple new car and pre-owned car selections
  • Capability to promote both dealer and regional dealer group inventory
  • Expanded gallery of exterior and interior photos
  • Button directing consumers to dealership YouTube Channel
  • Car safety information
  • Social media links  and more

Smart Quote 3.0 Unleashes Powerful New Features

SmartQuote 3.0 makes the industry’s most advanced online quoting system even more powerful, with new features that include:

  • Smart Quote Review grants your team the ability to review and customize Smart Quotes before they are sent directly to your online leads.
  • Quote Open Notifications notifies your sales team the moment a Smart Quote is opened by your newly acquired leads. With this powerful new feature your team will be able to follow up on these hot leads the very moment the quotes are being reviewed by your potential customers.

Save Time and Deliver a Professional Price Quote

SmartQuote ensures that every one of your dealership sales lead receives a professional and personalized price quote. Your sales team can spend more time selling cars instead of building quotes.


See a SmartQuote the way your customers will see it.