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We provide our dealerships with their own digital team of experts to give them online air cover. Our crew scouts new interactive marketing tools and social media networks and then leverages them to give our dealers a competitive edge. We give dealers an unfair digital advantage to help them maximize social media, win the war on leads, protect their online reputation and capture more sales.

Social Media Platform

We build and create a full Social Media Platform, with multiple levels of engagement, to enhance search engine optimization and drive more leads your way. Accounts are all owned by your company and can be used ongoing for online marketing. This includes:

  • Creation of 70+ top Social Media sites and/or enhancement of any existing business pages.
  • Secure digital asset sites – Flickr (to host photos) and YouTube (to host videos) with custom YouTube graphic (if using video services provider they may restrict this option)
  • Employee Social Media Policy will be provided for use with your staff
  • Kick off and monthly marketing campaigns with graphics formatted for multiple uses
  • Social Media icons provided for company to place/use on primary website
  • Battle Plan strategy created including training and support to maximize online marketing
  • Options for including Social Media Site content on primary website, if supported

Social Media Marketing

  • We will build and manage your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with weekly marketing updates and daily responses back to fans, followers and customers.
  • Build custom pages and load content weekly or as often as needed.
  • Check all pages daily to respond to customers, fans and followers.
  • Load any available photos and videos on Flickr and YouTube with links back to social media sites.
  • Create icons and landing pages on primary dealership website.
  • Build introductory/welcome invitation eBlast when pages are launched. Receive a new eCoupon posted on social media sites and provided to dealership for eBlasts every month.
  • Implement targeted social media ad campaigns upon request.
  • Receive a battle plan report on content posts and fan/follower demographics/trends with specific action items suggested for future attacks.

Reputation Management and Monitoring with Review Surge 4.0

Our Social Media Strike Force goes beyond just reputation management. We monitor reviews, posts and comments specific to your dealership, while crowd sourcing your social media sites listening for new sales lead opportunities to drive traffic to your store.

    • Daily review site monitoring with responses to all reviews and requests to dispute slanderous reviews
    • Review Surge 4.0 – we use Smart Surveys and our exclusive partnerships with, and to proactively increase positive reviews on key review sites and drive-up your review ratings towards a perfect 5-Star Rating
    • Real-time alerts to manager as needed when referrals, concerns and/or review are found
    • Re-posting of all positive reviews across key dealer review sites and your social media sites
    • Daily crowd sourcing of leads geo-targeting tool to locate online conversations related to car buying with responses referring prospects to your dealership
    • Manage your dealership’s reputation via the industry’s first and only social media mobile dashboard

Social Media Mobile App Demo

Social Media Toolbar

Our custom Social Media tool bar “sits” on all pages of your main website. It links to your top social media sites and provides integration to keep prospects and customers on your site.
Features include:

  • Ability to customize the type and location of icons as well as color of tool bar.
  • Unique text special message – customized as often as needed and set to appear based on your preferences.
  • Advanced integration for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos etc. – window shows the ability to “like” or “follow” and post messages.
  • Custom marketing graphic coupon/event/message/incentive that includes the ability to print as well as share with friends for viral marketing.
  • Sales conversion tools including “directions”, ”chat” and “contact” buttons to make it easy for consumers to take action to contact or visit your store.
  • Ability for consumers to “share” the tool bar/website link through multiple channels including easy upload to their social media pages, email etc.
  • Advanced reporting feature. The tool bar collects data on usage including individual buttons, even if customers don’t opt in to “like” or “follow”.

Social Logix Success Story: Van Griffith Kia Increases Sales 20%

“Since we started with Digital Air Strike we’ve seen an 800% increase in social media referrals to our website.”

– Brad Ferris, Internet Sales Director at Van Griffith Kia.

Van Griffith Kia was very successful selling Kia cars in their regional market outside the Dallas-Ft. Worth market. They had a dominant market share and needed to attract customers in Dallas with a tight marketing budget.  Spending more marketing dollars in traditional advertising was not possible with a tight marketing budget, so Brad Ferris, Internet Sales Director turned to innovative social media marketing promotions.

Brad hired Digital Air Strike to grow his social media referrals and they acquired new customers across the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Here are some of their successful results:

  • Van Griffith Kia used Facebook contests to increase fans 650%
  • Increase internet sales by 20%
  • Shifted traditional media advertising budgets to social media and grew marketing ROI
  • Reduced their search engine marketing budget because of increased social media traffic
  • Dramatically increase their social media ROI
  • No longer worry about Facebook