Van Griffith Kia expanded market coverage and grew sales 20% with an Innovative Social Media Strategy

“Since we started with Digital Air Strike we’ve seen an 800% increase in social media referrals to our website.”

– Brad Ferris, Internet Sales Director at Van Griffith Kia.


Van Griffith Kia was very successful selling Kia cars in their regional market outside the Dallas Metroplex market. They had a dominate market share and needed to attract customers in Dallas with a tight marketing budget.  Spending more marketing dollars in traditional advertising was not possible with a tight marketing budget, so Brad Ferris, Internet Sales Director turned to innovative social media marketing promotions.

Brad hired Digital Air Strike to grow his social media referrals and they acquired new customers across the Dallas Metroplex area. Here are some of their successful results:

  • Van Griffith Kia used Facebook contests to increase fans 650%
  • Increase internet sales by 20%
  • Shifted traditional media advertising budgets to social media and grew marketing ROI
  • Reduced their search engine marketing budget because of increased social media traffic
  • Dramatically increase their social media ROI
  • No longer worry about Facebook

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