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What are the obstacles keeping your business from more sales? Select your biggest challenges and see the technology and team that solve them.

Challenge: My team isn't effectively managing leads and they're ignoring old leads.
Leads are more valuable than ever before so a broken lead response process or staff not following the process is costing your dealership money.


Challenge: We're not marketing our inventory to get high quality leads.
Consumers are getting information from more sources than ever before and showcasing your inventory where they’re shopping can be the difference in a full lead funnel and an empty one.


Challenge: We're struggling to generate buy backs, trade-ins and repeat business.
Your database is filled with leads, repeat business, and 5-star reviews but leveraging that information to fill your pipeline and your lot isn’t easy.


Challenge: We are struggling to recruit and hire employees.
The job market is competitive, finding high quality candidates isn’t easy, and you’re having a hard time sharing the benefits of working for your business.



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DAS Technology Reveals Milestone 10th Annual Automotive Customer Experience Trends Study at NADA 2024

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DAS Technology Expands Decade-Long Collaboration with General Motors to Enable Advanced Consumer Engagement Technology

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DAS Technology Wins 2024 NADA Show’s Exhibitor Pitch Competition

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