2011 US Auto Dealer Mystery Shop Study - Digital Air Strike

2011 US Auto Dealer Mystery Shop Study

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Between October and November 2011 we conducted a Mystery Shopping survey of more than 1,000 US auto dealers. This infographic captures the response times, the percent of dealers who responded with and without a price. The pie chart represents an analysis of information held in the emails that offered a price quote. From sending a price for a single car up to the Best Practices standard of sending multi-vehicle pricing with vehicle details and incentive pricing. Only 7% of the dealers we surveyed delivered a response on par with best practice.


Methodology: 1082 dealers surveyed. No Response Logix® clients included. Gmail account used to collect responses. Requests submitted through dealer websites. Auto responders were discounted from the study, defined as any response received within five minutes and without specific information from the request. All Response Logix® SmartQuotes satisfy best practices and would qualify as a top quality response.

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