2019 Automotive Social Media Online Trends Study – Digital Air Strike

See Why 7,000+ Customers Chose a Dealership!


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  • Car buyers’ use of review sites, social media, including Facebook Marketplace, and Google
  • Impact of response times on dealership selection
  • Use of “chat” and video
  • Top reasons consumers chose not to contact a dealership

The Industry’s Largest and Longest Running Study of Its Kind

Dealers benefit from the consumer-driven on-demand digital inquiry and shopping experience. It brings more verified in-market prospects to the door. However, dealerships often lose leads due to common obstacles like an inadequate follow-up, lack of information or special offers, and negative reviews.

More than 7,000 car buyers and service customers took part in this extensive research that includes 100+ data points about how consumers choose a dealership, which review sites helped the most, the importance of Google and Facebook, how they feel about chat and ads on social, and so much more.