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Add Motion to Your Message

Add Motion to Your Message

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Add some motion to your message with Facebook Slideshow Ads. Easier and more cost-efficient than traditional video ad production, Slideshow Ads let you tap into the power of video for less. Facebook slideshow ads give you the ability to use multiple images for a single ad and have them turned into a dynamic video, complete with music and text.

The ads are definitely more eye-catching than a single image ad, and require less user interaction than a carousel ad. Slideshow Ads are the perfect choice when one photo isn’t enough to convey your entire message. Think about using them to feature a home you’re listing or a car you’re selling!

Setup is easy. Send us 3-7 images for a single Slideshow Ad, along with the message you’d like to convey text. From there, we’ll add your images to a slideshow, optimizing transitions between images, adding text overlays, and selecting music that goes well with the video. The finished slideshow will run 5 to 15 seconds, and will tell your story with attention-grabbing motion as your customers scroll through their Facebook timelines.

We will add our proprietary targeting so the ad is seen by the people you want to see it!

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