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Amazon Launches New Video Service

Amazon Launches New Video Service

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Amazon recently announced the launch of its new video service called Amazon Video Direct. Similar to YouTube, this new video sharing platform aims to put user-generated content in front of the tens of millions of Amazon Prime members. The user-upload concept sounds simple enough, however there is a difference between this service and YouTube’s amateur, cellphone-produced video model. Amazon Video Direct seems to be designed primarily for professional video producers who can provide high-definition media, complete with all of the finishing touches like closed captioning. Think along the lines of How Stuff Works, The Guardian, or any aspiring independent filmmakers looking to be the next big thing.

At first inspection, it doesn’t appear that Amazon Video Direct has any strategic marketing value to local businesses. If a YouTube channel isn’t getting millions of views already, then having those videos discovered on Amazon Video Direct seems an even more unlikely proposition. Nevertheless, we will continue to keep an eye on Amazon’s new foray into independent video distribution, monitoring for future marketing possibilities.

Amazon Video Direct – What is it?
• Amazon launched a new user-generated video service, similar to YouTube.
• The focus appears to be on professionally produced video content from independent storytellers and creators.
• Videos must be in high definition and include closed captioning.
• Because of the restrictive nature of this new service, there doesn’t seem to be any current local business applications yet.

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