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Automotive Brands are Making the Move to Tumblr

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With Facebook’s organic reach in decline and Twitter’s content brevity, Tumblr is seeing a strong increase in brands moving to the site.

Tumblr is caught somewhere in the middle of Facebook and Twitter in terms of content, however content on Tumblr is seen long after tweets and Facebook posts become irrelevant.

While Twitter will gain more attention than Tumblr when an event is happening live, during the days that follow, content will continue to be circulated on Tumblr and will fade out of the Twitter spotlight.

In addition, in the last 6 months, Tumblr active usage has increased by 22 percent while Twitter and Facebook’s active usage decreased by three percent and six percent, respectively.

In a recent post on how automotive brands use Tumblr, the site said that “the automotive conversation on Tumblr is one of the largest and richest on the network, with 1.8M people participating every month.” In addition, auto manufacturers can also use the site to determine which trends and topics are being searched by their specific brand audience. For example, according to Tumblr’s data, Jeep and Mazda have audiences that are interested in off-roading and motorsports, while Lincoln and Cadillac appeal to a more “aesthetically-driven crowd.”

With automotive manufacturers moving their content to Tumblr, dealerships may benefit from increasing their presence on the blogging site.

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