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Automotive Digital Marketing

Digital Air Strike gives 7,800 Dealers an unfair online advantage with award-winning automotive digital marketing and consumer engagement technology and services.

Automotive Marketing Solutions

Attract new car buyers, trade-ins and service customers, convert more leads and build customer loyalty with our award-winning digital marketing technology and solutions.

Search & Social Media Marketing

Car Dealer Social Media Marketing

Engaging content on social media sites and an optimized Google listing turn search and your social media into lead generators.

Dealer Online Reputation Management

Auto Dealer Reputation Management

Our team and technology protect, improve and monitor your online reputation, showcase happy customers, and deliver more positive reviews across top sites.

Targeted Advertising

Full Service Marketing for Dealerships

Digital advertising campaigns target in-market consumers across the internet including car buyers streaming live sports and top shows via Amazon OTT streaming ads.

Inventory Merchandising

Vehicle Inventory Merchandising

Supercharge your inventory marketing strategy with technology that drives targeted shoppers to your vehicles on top sites including YouTube, Craigslist and BestRide to create a more engaging customer experience.

Video Lead Engagement

Automotive Dealer Video Marketing

Interactive video engagement technology makes it easy for your team to record, send, and track videos to customers including vehicle highlights, your safety measures, and more.

AI Lead Response & Reactivation

Car Buyer Lead Response & Reactivation

Streamline and automate responses to online leads, increase the visibility of your dealership’s promotions and deliver customer experiences that simply sell more cars or gains more trade-ins.

AI Chat Messaging

AI Chat Messaging

AI-powered chat interacts with leads on your website, via text message, and on Facebook, including shoppers interested in vehicles you’re selling on Facebook Marketplace.

Consumer Text Marketing

Consumer Text Marketing

98% of text messages are read in minutes. Deliver important sales and service updates effectively with bulk text messaging. Provide a concierge experience while engaging with customers, sharing positive reviews, your hours and location in the messaging window.

Credit to Vehicle Matching

Credit to Vehicle Matching

Let car buyers get prequalified on your website and instantly showcase vehicles from your inventory they qualify for. Streamline the car buying process for all shoppers, even subprime buyers.

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement

Hiring in today’s market is challenging but with patented lead response technology and Digital Air Strike’s Sales Development Team of retail experts, your sales and service prospects are engaged quickly and consistently to exceed your goals.

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Turbocharge Your Trade-ins

Turbocharge Your Trade-Ins

Here are the top strategies leading dealers across the country use (and you can too) to get more trade-ins and solve their inventory challenges. Download the free strategies now!

Top 5 Ways Dealers Are Beating Carvana & Vroom

Top 5 Ways Dealers Are Beating Carvana & Vroom

Check out the top 5 ways dealers are using new technology and processes to deliver what the disruptors can’t, let customers do more online, and ensure they choose your dealership. Download our free tips now.

Top 5 Ways Dealers Are Beating Carvana & Vroom

Why Online Reviews Matter

While inventory is down, promote service specials! Remember that part of consumers choosing your dealership is your online reputation. Check out quick facts that show how important 5-star reviews are to consumers and to your dealership’s bottom line.

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