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Avoid the Wait with Google

Avoid the Wait with Google

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Using data collected from Google searches and its GPS-backed technology, Google is now able to determine the busiest times at your business and list that in search results. After performing a search for a business on Google, then clicking the title to see details like its address, phone number and open hours, Google will also now show you “popular times” for the business.

Why Businesses Should Care:

  • Businesses can use the data to get an improved understanding of their own traffic patterns and busiest hours in a general sense.
  • This data could potentially be used in the future to better inform Google users of what to expect at the business they’re headed to after a Google Search.
  • Google’s ability to aggregate information from millions of consumers’ smartphones is what’s powering this new, and more broadly accessible, search feature.

How Digital Air Strike™ Can Help:

  • As part of our managed services, Digital Air Strike will build, secure & enhance core listings on the web including Google digital properties.
  • Accurate & complete listings are essential to increase visibility for businesses.
  • Because of our close relationships with social giants like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we learn about new and upcoming changes early and can determine ways to leverage them to benefit our clients before the competition.

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