Being Blue Can Lead to More Green for Your Dealership

Being Blue Can Lead to More Green for Your Dealership

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Facebook has revealed a new way you can connect with your customers when they check Facebook while at your business. It’s called a Bluetooth beacon and it sends “place tips”, greetings and links to in-range smartphones and tablets whose users are on Facebook. This is another way to reach Facebook’s audience and another reason to have Digital Air Strike™ manage and update the social media site for your dealership.

At launch, Facebook Bluetooth beacons work only with iPhones 4S and later with Bluetooth turned on. Android support for beacon triggering is coming soon.

Why you care:

  • Whatever you once hoped people in your dealership would notice with promo banners in the showroom, you can now send directly into the palm of their hand.
  • Whenever someone opens Facebook within 100 feet of the Bluetooth beacon, they will be able to get information without having to actively search for it.
  • This gives you the control to show your in-store visitors what you most want them to see.
  • Facebook Bluetooth beacons are simple to use, battery-powered (with long life since beacons use Bluetooth to transmit) and need to be placed in centralized spot.

How Digital Air Strike™ can help:

  • Digital Air Strike’s team of experts will build, enhance and secure your dealership’s Facebook page(s) in order to position your business properly.
  • Digital Air Strike™ helps dealers request their free beacon so they can begin building new relationships with Facebook users that visit their dealership.
  • Until and once the beacon arrives, Digital Air Strike™ has creative ways to incorporate social advertising into the mix while utilizing the new Facebook audience pixels as well.

Contact Digital Air Strike™ today to see the difference we can make for your dealership’s social media, reputation management, digital engagement and lead generation.


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