Insta-Block the Haters: Protecting Your Business from Instagram Trolls!

Insta-Block the Haters: Protecting Your Business from Trolls

Insta-Block the Haters: Protecting Your Business from Trolls

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You may not be familiar with the term “troll” so let us explain. A troll is an internet troublemaker who harasses others to get an emotional response. Trolls will comment on posts, blogs, or anywhere they can spread their mischief. They often target celebrities and businesses, although nobody online is safe without the proper precautions.

Instagram has witnessed the mayhem that trolls cause on social media and is now proactively protecting its community against them with Insta-blocking. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom states that Instagram should always be, “…a welcoming community where people could share their lives.” With over 500 million users (and growing!), Instagram is working diligently to keep its online community positive and safe.

One of the ways Instagram is combating trolls, is with a new feature in your account settings that allows you to “Hide Inappropriate Comments.” Once toggled on, Instagram will automatically hide comments that contain words or phrases often reported as offensive. Besides this default keyword blocker, you can add other specific keywords you want blocked. While this new feature cannot completely shield you from harassing comments, it is a step in the right direction for keeping your business safe from trolls.

As part of your overall social media strategy, it is imperative to have someone constantly monitoring your social media accounts for comments – good or bad. Our team at Digital Air Strike helps you do just that. Included in select packages, we will completely manage your Instagram account, including posting photos and videos, and responding to comments. If your Instagram account has attracted the attention of trolls, we can enable the new “Insta-block” function on your account too!

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