13 Facebook Ad Strategies for Businesses in 2018

13 Facebook Ad Strategies for Businesses in 2018

Is your business struggling to launch Facebook ad campaigns that actually sell? Use these strategies and elevate your strategy to new heights!

Identify your target audience:

1.  Saved Audience: Use Facebook’s Audience Builder to help you define your target audience’s location, demographic, and interests and learn how much it will cost to reach them.

2.  Look-a-like Audience: Target people similar to your current subscriber and customer lists with ads on Facebook by using a look-a-like audience. This is a scary good way to acquire new customers.

3.  Retargeting Audience: A highly effective targeting technique, Facebook Retargeting delivers ads to window-shoppers that visited your website recently.

4.  Direct Mail Campaigns: Combining Facebook ads with direct mail is a great way to reach people at both their physical and digital locations. 

Create ads that get you more results:

5.  Facebook Carousel Ads: Showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad. Highlight different products, showcase specific details about one product, service or promotion, or tell a story about your business that develops across each image.

6.  Facebook Lead Ads: Facebook’s new lead ads allow people on mobile to complete forms with just a couple of taps, making it incredibly easy for customers to send you their information without leaving Facebook. 

7.  Facebook Video Ads: Start utilizing your commercials on Facebook! Remember nearly 85 percent of videos are viewed without sound. Make sure your ad contains subtitles for maximum impact.

8.  Facebook Canvas Ads: Canvas ads are an engaging experience. They contain all that’s needed to brand, promote, and increase interest in your business in a way that’s sure to impress. 

Deliver your ads in the right channel:

9.  Platform Selection: There’s no need to advertise on all of Facebook’s platforms separately. Facebook Business Manager lets you to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook’s Audience Network from a centralized dashboard.

10.  Optimize On-The-Go: You can alter Facebook ads during the campaign rather than waiting until the end.

11.  Monitoring Reviews on Ads: Don’t just set it and forget it. Make sure to check often for comments on your ads. And remember, after seeing your ad people will likely Google your business or products, so make sure your reputation is as good as your advertising. 

Analyze your results and optimize on-the-go:

12.  Landing Page Views: A very helpful and new metric is landing page views. Some people clicking on your ads might not make it to your landing page. With this metric, determining if you have an advertising or website problem is easier.

13.  Offline Conversions: Facebook allows your business to track when transactions occur in your physical business along with your Facebook ads. 

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