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15 Facebook and Social Media Shopping Trends You Need to Know

15 Facebook and Social Media Shopping Trends You Need to Know

With over 2.7 billion people using Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger every month, it’s important for businesses to understand the positive impact social advertising and social media can have on your company’s revenue.

Here are 15 facts that reveal how today’s consumers are making buying decisions, and why Facebook and other social media sites are crucial to achieving and exceeding your goals.

Social Advertising Reaches New Customers

  1. B2B Sellers Who Adopt Social Selling are 72% More Likely to Exceed Quotas Than Their Peers
    Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Jump in with both feet and start selling your products on social media so you can exceed quotas!
  1. Consumers are More Likely to Buy Products on Facebook During Specific Hours
    According to Facebook pixel data, mobile conversions on Facebook in the U.S. begin growing between the hours of 4:00pm and 6:00pm and peak around 8:00pm to 9:00pm. Use this knowledge to leverage your Facebook advertising efforts and reach more consumers during these hours.
  1. Top Performing Ads on Instagram Stories Are Shorter and Contain Branding Earlier Than Lower Performing Ads
    Consumers do not want an overload of information all at once. The shorter and more visual your social ads, the better they will perform! Take the time to know what your audience wants and ensure your content appeals to them.

Your Customers are Shopping on Mobile

  1. 70% of People Surveyed in the U.S. Use a Mobile Device While Watching TV
    Although consumers continue to spend time on other channels, nowadays they’re typically on their smartphones at the same time. Reach them where they’re engaged and connected – on mobile. From Facebook ads to mobile display advertising, there are endless opportunities to reach this audience.
  1. S. Holiday Shoppers Increasingly Prefer Mobile to Desktop on Black Friday
    Facebook data shows as of 2017, 74% of shoppers preferred mobile online shopping, up from 53% in 2016. Reach smartphone shoppers with mobile-friendly display advertisements that show up while consumers are browsing the web.

Customers Are Doing Their Research

  1. Six in 10 People Surveyed in the U.S. Feel It Is Important to Find Information About Local Businesses Online
    Show up in search results by displaying consistent business information across all websites. Google will reward your business for having consistent information and your listings will appear on the first and second page of search results when consumers search for your business.
  1. 57% of a Customer’s Buying Journey Is Taken Before Engaging with a Salesperson
    Make sure your customers like what they find when they search for your business online! After you’ve gotten your brand in front of consumers, you’ll want to insure your ad spend with positive reviews on top review sites and a social media presence that appeals to customers doing their research.

Customers Are Using Social Media

  1. 80% of People Surveyed in the U.S. Say Instagram Helps Them Research New Products or Services
    This is really a no brainer – but, if your business is not on Instagram, create an account today. Instagram is only increasing in popularity and your business should not miss the chance to be discovered by its 1 billion users.
  1. 90 Million People Are “Tapping” to Reveal Shopping Tags on Instagram Posts Every Month
    Features that make it easier for consumers to shop within apps continue to roll out. This year Instagram came out with a feature allowing businesses to add shopping tags in their posts and it’s already gaining popularity.Instagram is hoping to expand this feature to all businesses selling tangible goods, so stay on top of the latest social media trends to make sure your business is leveraging all unique features to sell more!
  1. 75% of B2B Buyers Use Social Media to Make Final Buying Decisions
    Social media is incredibly important today. Dominate the competition by setting your business apart with a social media presence that is engaging and interests your potential customers.
  1. 65% of Buyers Feel the Vendor’s Content Had an Impact on Their Final Purchase Decision
    Post, post, post! Consumers are reading your content and using it to make decisions about where to make a purchase. Outshine other businesses with engaging content on your social media sites that would make customers want to do business with you.
  1. 78% of Auto Consumers in the U.S. Find Social Media Useful When Deciding on a New Automobile Purchase
    For most people, buying a vehicle is the second biggest purchase they’ll make after buying a home. That means consumers do their research and spend sometimes months looking for the right vehicle. This is an opportunity for the auto industry. Dealerships should showcase their inventory to the 78% of car buyers who turn to social media to shop for new vehicles. Create a strategy to highlight inventory you need to get off your lot and start selling your hottest deals.
  1. 86% of Consumers in the U.S. Want to Engage with Brands Post-Purchase
    Make sure every post on social media isn’t a sales pitch. Keep fun and engaging content mixed in to get your customers to continue communicating with your business after they make a purchase. Give them content they want to react to, comment on, and share with their friends. This will keep your customers coming back.
  1. 90% of Top Performing Sales Representatives Use Social Media as Part of Their Sales Strategy
    Social media can also be used by individual employees to communicate with customers more personally. Sales representatives can use professional accounts on social sites to make interactions with customers more personal, just make sure your business has a social media policy with guidelines for interacting with customers and using your business’ name.

Customers Prefer to Engage via Messaging

  1. 65% of People in the U.S. Feel More Confident Messaging a Business Than Filling Out a Form on a Website
    Online shoppers want to be able to message your business! The days of filling out webforms are long gone. People today want instant answers. Give them what they want by using A.I. technology to respond to all online messaging platforms and text messages, 24/7.

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