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19 Social Media Marketing Resolutions to Build Your Business in 2019

19 Social Media Marketing Resolutions to Build Your Business in 2019

According to research, 60 percent of people make a New Year’s resolution and only 8 percent successfully achieve their goals of dieting, exercising, spending more time with friends and family, traveling more. You get the idea.

So what do these resolutions have to do with your business? Well, when applied to social media and your digital presence they can set up your business for a successful and more engaging 2019.

Social Media Dieting

1) Have a Plan for Reaching Your Goals: Create a Social Calendar & Post Frequently

The best diet is one you can stick to. When it comes to your business’ social media content, create a calendar your business can manage. Think about share-worthy content that your followers will want to engage with and get into a weekly/monthly routine of posting. We recommend posting content that provides value to your audience, while still making it personal and having fun.

2) Shake It Up: Post a Variety of Content Across Social Sites

No, we’re not talking about protein shakes here. If you didn’t notice much engagement with your social posts in 2018, maybe it’s time to shake things up this year! You can start by adding in new content types to find out what your audience likes. From posting videos and memes to themed days that recognize your customers, thinking creatively can boost interaction on your sites. Along with a variety of content, you want to be posting on multiple sites. You don’t want to miss out on reaching different age groups because you’re too focused on one site!

3) People Eat with Their Eyes: Post Compelling Images and Videos

According to Facebook IQ, consumers ages 22 to 37 are 1.35x more likely than Boomers to say video is the best medium for discovering new products. Consumers have an endless amount of posts to look at when scrolling through their timelines and they are going to be selective. Don’t let them scroll right past your content because it is not visually appealing.

Social Media Exercising

4) Celebrate Small Successes: Consistency Across Sites

Always strive for progress. One of the easiest ways to get your social media on track is by ensuring consistency across sites. Why? Because Google rewards you for this! When your business name, phone number, address, and URL are consistent across all sites including social media, your listings get pushed to the top of Google search results, naturally, without having to pay PPC fees!

5) Run After Leads: Respond to Comments on Ads & Monitor Keywords on Social Sites

Don’t worry, we are not asking you to run a mile. I don’t sign myself up for cardio either… BUT, when it comes to social media, chasing after your leads is easy! Think outside the box to uncover leads in places you  never thought they’d exist. Monitoring social ads is a great place to start capturing leads – respond to comments on your social ads and social posts, and you’ll see how a quick conversation can escalate to a sale!

6) Track Your Progress: Monitor Your Reputation Across All Sites, 24/7

Forget about Fitbits and Apple Watches… Digital Air Strike has a technology that is equivalent in the social media world! Technology can help you keep a scoreboard of your star ratings and reviews across all sites. Instead of clicking through each individual site, you’ll be able to monitor reviews from one, easy-to-use platform. Some technologies (hint, hint) even allow you to view survey results so you can monitor your employees’ performance and identify top performers.

Losing Weight on Social

7) Losing Weight: Ditch What is Not Working

Use Facebook Page Insights to track how your audience is reacting to specific posts. This is a newer Facebook feature and we encourage all our clients to take full advantage of it! Facebook now allows you to view statistics on people who are unfollowing, muting, or engaging with your posts. If you notice certain posts are getting a lot of “unfollows” or ”muted”, change up what you are doing. On the contrary, if you notice that a specific post is doing well, post more content similar to that post. This reporting gives all businesses great leverage in identifying what speaks to their audience.

8) Losing Weight: Shorter Posts

Shed some weight on your posts! Short copy looks cleaner and gives your followers a clear message that they don’t have to search for. Along with keeping your content short, keep your links short, and do not include links in your Instagram posts. These links are not clickable and may confuse or irritate consumers who try to click on them. Short links will also look better in your post.

Being Smarter with Money Spent on Social Media

9) Be Smarter with Money: Target Specific Audiences with Ads

If you’re not using Facebook’s targeted advertising abilities, you’ll want to start in 2019. Targeted audiences help you reach the right consumers with the right ads at the right time by using custom, look-a-like, and re-targeted audiences. Start seeing real ROI with targeted advertising in 2019!

10) A/B Test Facebook Ads to See What’s Working

Just as you can evaluate what’s working in your organic posts, you can also discover what’s working with your targeted ads. Facebook’s A/B testing feature allows you to show the same audience two different ads to see what they engage with more! This practice can improve content engagement, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversion rates.

11) Track Conversions from Ads

Partner with a social media marketing vendor that allows you to analyze specific numbers such as the number of consumers you have reached and people who have clicked on your ads. Some offline conversion metrics will even show you how many people have made a purchase from your ad. In 2019, make it a resolution to stop paying for services that don’t have proven ROI.

New Social Media Skills and Hobbies

12) New Skill: Using Updated Ad Formats to Increase Consumer Engagement

According to the American Marketing Association, the average consumer is exposed to over 10 thousand brand messages per day! With thousands of ads flying at their face, consumers are going to be selective.  Increase engagement on your posts up to 135% by using video instead of static image ads, and Facebook lead generation ads are proven to get 3-4x the amount of leads as a landing page or website ad due to the seamless user experience. Make your ads stand out among the rest by using new and unique formats to grab users’ attention.

13) New Skill: Showcasing Your Business in Google Search Results

Google’s recent addition of “tiles” is a new feature every business should be taking advantage of in 2019. Highlight dealership specials, inventory, positive reviews, and job openings all on the first page of your business’ search results! This is just another new way to generate leads from your Google listing without paying for PPC.

Quitting Bad Social Media Habits

14) Quitting Bad Habits: Stop Handling Negative Feedback Unprofessionally

This is one of the easiest habits to quit! Getting into an argument online makes your business look bad to anyone who sees it. Businesses should always address customer concerns, no matter how ridiculous they may seem, and provide a point of contact to resolve the issue offline. Showing all consumers you care about your customers will stand out when prospective customers are deciding where they want to do business.

Social Media Job Posting

15) New Job: Use Social Recruiting to Attract Top Talent

As the New Year gets going, many people may have a resolution to find a new job. Take advantage of this time to seek and obtain top talent! List your job descriptions on top social and recruiting sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. Connect with tech-savvy millennials on the sites they most frequently visit and send your current employees surveys to generate positive reviews on these sites. Hiring the right people can transform your business and make all other pieces fall into place.

Making More Friends on Social Media

16) Make New Friends: Respond to All Comments on Social & Review Sites

Positive feedback on your review and social sites should be treated as leads. Be friendly to those who take time to leave your business a positive review. This doesn’t mean to ignore the negative reviews! Responding to negative reviews can turn around a customer’s bad experience and earn their repeat business.

17) Make New Friends: Allow Customers to Message Your Business from Google

Make your business available by message for customers who want to contact your business directly from your Google listing. Social media messaging apps are increasingly popular and used by consumers around the world. Also, 80% of sales customers use Google as their primary search engine – which means you are making it possible for 80% of sales customers to message your business!

18) Make New Friends: Survey Customers to Get More Positive Reviews

Communicate the importance of customer feedback to your employees and get your team involved in communicating the process to your customers. If your surveys aren’t getting much feedback, they might be too long. Surveys will help you identify areas of your business that need improvement and areas that you are doing well.

Social Media Tips to Spend More Time with Family & Friends

19) Spend Less Time Responding to Leads: Leverage Technology

The last thing you want to do as a business owner is worry about responding to leads over the weekend and late at night. A.I. powered messaging streamlines communication for your business so you don’t have the headache of covering every channel during the off-hours. You may think consumers won’t like talking to a bot, but, 73% of consumers have used chat to contact a business and rate the experience as a positive one. Adding an intelligent messaging solution to your business will help you engage better this year.

We hope you’re ready to put these tips into action for 2019! From being smarter with your advertising spend to leveraging technology for better communication, we know these business solutions will generate more revenue. If you have any questions about social media solutions, our team of digital experts is always here to help.

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