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20 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Sell More!

20 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Sell More!

“New Year, New Me” is probably something you’ve seen all over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but have you set aside time to think about resolutions for your business? New Year’s resolutions allow you to commit yourself to achieving new goals, improving strategies or even quitting a bad habit. Take a look at our list of 20 resolutions your business can use to sell more!


1) Resolve to Boost Your Reputation Scores

If you’re not monitoring your reputation and protecting your brand in 2020, you are making a huge mistake! Make sure you are actively requesting reviews from happy customers – including by text message. You can send them a text to request a review and provide an offer or giveaway to thank customers for taking time to share their experience.

2) Follow-Up with Unhappy Customers

By responding quickly to an online review or comment on social media with a detailed and meaningful reply, you can win back customers who had a bad experience. Remember that other potential customers are paying attention to how you react so it’s important to remedy the situation and earn back trust.

3) Resolve to Respond Professionally

Engaging in online arguments is not good. Don’t do it! Replying emotionally online makes your business look bad. Make sure you are calmly addressing the customer’s issue and showing that you really care to resolve it. Also, take the conversation offline and provide direct contact information of a higher-level employee to assist in fixing the situation.

4) Resolve to Survey Customers to Get More Positive Reviews

Get your team trained and involved in communicating the process to your customers. 87% of people who take surveys want to have a say in a company’s future products and services (Pew Research) and the feedback you receive can be used to uncover opportunities for improvement. Keep in mind even 5-star reviews can include feedback for improvement!

5) Resolve to Improve Social Posting

Are you posting great content on social media? Be sure to keep copy short and to the point to capture more consumers scrolling through their timeline. Short copy looks cleaner and gives your followers a clear and concise message. Use engaging photos or videos to grab attention and don’t ever include hard-to-remember links in the copy on your posts!

6) Resolve to Create a Social Calendar & to Post Frequently

Make sure you are posting worthy content that people really want to see! Before you post, ask yourself if it provides value, is personal, invites interaction, uses good visuals, and is something your audience wants to see. Don’t make every post a sales pitch!

7) Resolve to Ditch What is Not Working

Pay attention to how your audience is reacting to your posts. Posting YouTube links instead of Facebook videos decreases engagement and your customers do not want to have to switch apps to watch your content.

8) Resolve to Monitor Your Social & Respond in a Timely Manner

The cost of ignoring social media can turn prospects away without you even knowing! Watch for users commenting on your posts and make sure you’re replying quickly in a personalized manner. People will appreciate personal responses, rapid responses, and keep you in mind for future purchases!

9) Resolve to Recruit Top Talent Through Social

Your next rock star could be out there! Be sure to list job descriptions on top recruiting sites including LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Facebook. Connect with tech-savvy millennials on the sites they frequently visit and send your current employees surveys to generate positive reviews on top sites.

10) Resolve to Use Video to Increase Engagement

Did you know that 72% of consumers prefer learning about a product or a service through a video?  From highlighting a product on your YouTube Channel to including a personalized video in a lead response, video marketing provides businesses with a convenient, versatile, and shareable medium to reach their audiences. What are you waiting for?

11) Resolve to Use Video to Highlight Your “Why Buys”

Why buys = Will buys. Make sure you are including special events, offers and incentives, testimonials, product details and more in your lead response and social strategy. For example, walk-around video is a compelling way to show consumers all the bells and whistles of a product in fast and convenient way.

12) Resolve to Leverage AI Assistants to Qualify and Capture Leads

AI Assistants proactively engage your prospects, ask qualifying questions, and capture leads 24/7. The right member of your team can then be notified for fast follow up.  Intelligently route leads to the right person on your team based on inquiry type for fast follow-up. Team members can jump into any conversation and respond to hot opportunities from any device.

13)  Resolve to Communicate with Consumers in Their Preferred Method

Consumers today hate playing phone tag and filling out web forms, but they love to message – text and chat on multiple platforms! Make it easy for them to communicate with you by providing a number that people can text message on print ads, billboards, and tv/radio commercials, and be sure you’re routing conversations to the right person on your team.

14) Resolve to Showcase Your Business in Google Search Results

With more than 80% of all searches conducted on Google, it’s imperative that your Google My Business photos are making a great first impression. Highlight all of the great services and products your business has to offer and make sure you’re showcasing inventory, special offers, job openings, customer testimonials, and more in your listing! Also be sure to capture attention by using graphics with motion.

15) Resolve to Capitalize on “Zero-Click Search:

A remarkable 80% of sales customers use Google as their primary search engine. Make sure you’re responding to Google Questions & Answers on your Google page and provide FAQ services – which answer your customers’ questions before they even ask! Recent consumer studies show that up to 50% of Google searches result in actions other than website clicks – including reading reviews, viewing photos, getting directions, etc.

16) Resolve to Spend $ Wisely

Are you spending your ad budget the right way? Measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns using the Facebook pixel on your website to target ACTIVE SHOPPERS that have previously visited your website. Also, make sure you’re targeting YOUR OWN customers by uploading your data into Facebook.

17) Resolve to Brand Major Events to Build Awareness

Build geo-fences to brand major sporting events, concerts and more to target customers who enter that defined location. Deliver ads on the mobile devices of people who enter a specific area surrounding competitors encouraging them to do business with you instead.

18) Resolve to Respond to ALL Leads

In 2020, don’t pre-judge…respond to all leads! Be sure to look for points of interest and specific customer questions and include helpful information. For example, car dealers should include lease and finance options. Also use automation with your workflow so your team can stay focused.

19) Resolve to Improve Lead Follow-Up

Put follow-up on autopilot. Many businesses only have the bandwidth to handle customers right in front of them, so make sure you have a process or technology to revisit consumers that didn’t purchase.  According to our 8th Annual Automotive Social Media & Online Trends Study, 78% of people spend weeks to months doing research before buying a car, so make sure you’re following up with consumers well beyond their first inquiry.

20) Resolve to Get Your Team on Board

There’s so much great technology available to make businesses run better, but if no one uses them – – they’re a waste of money. Find ways to encourage your employees to use the products, processes, services, and technology that will ultimately help your business run better. Run contests that reward those that use a platform the most.

Need help keeping up with resolutions or getting off on the right foot in 2020? Use the “Get Intel” button at the top of the page to request a free, custom analysis of your social media and online reputation from our team of digital experts!


Sources: SurveyMonkey, Digital Air Strike’s 8th Annual Automotive Social Media & Online Trends Study, Pew Research

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