3 Easy Strategies to Build Your Audience on Facebook

3 Easy Strategies to Build Your Audience on Facebook

3 Easy Strategies to Build Your Audience on Facebook

New Year, New Algorithm! That seems to be Facebook’s resolution this year as the company’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on January 11th that the social media platform will be making significant changes to its News Feed in hopes of “helping you have more meaningful social interactions” by prioritizing content from your “friends, family, and groups”. This means the News Feed will feature more of your coworkers’ pets and less business page posts.  

The change has left many businesses wondering how they’re going to reach their audience if Facebook is cutting business posts from the News Feed.  

Before going into panic mode, we’re here to tell you it’s going to be okay! Facebook has changed its focus to foster a healthier user base and you can too by employing these 3 Easy Facebook Strategies: Focus, Create, and Invest.

1. Focus on engagement 

Facebook wants their users to be engaging in more “meaningful interactions” – essentially, they want to see more likes, comments, and shares. If you’re not engaging with the audience, your posts won’t show up on people’s feeds. This means you’ll need to do your homework.

Get familiar with the Facebook Insights tab because you need to know what’s working. If your posts aren’t getting engagement, they might as well not even be there (in fact, to many users they won’t be). So, find out what’s working!

2. Create more quality content 

The natural response for many businesses now will be to resort to “engagement bait”. While this might seem like a great idea, good ol’ Zuckerberg is already way ahead of you, and he’ll be demoting those posts quicker than you can say, “Where’d all my followers go?”

It’s important to focus your Facebook posting strategy on the things that work and to stay away from the things that don’t. Show them your manager’s killer dance moves from the holiday party or take them on a test drive in your new showroom Camaro via live video instead. Show off the unique aspects of your business. Customers want to see that!

3. Invest in Facebook advertising

Lastly, invest in Facebook ads, and develop a strategy for your ads. There’s only so much room on the News Feed and business page content is being pushed out of the way. Businesses will need to pay to be seen. Utilizing Facebook’s analytics and carefully targeting your audience is the only way to ensure a solid ROI in today’s algorithm-based social environment.

The businesses that succeed on Facebook will need to strategize by focusing, creating, and investing – and we have a team that specializes in those things! Request a demo today to get started! 

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