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3 Hilarious Customer Reviews That Will Have You Rolling!

3 Hilarious Customer Reviews That Will Have You Rolling!

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It’s inevitable!

At some point, your business will receive a head-scratching review or comment on social media and review sites. As you read these outrageous comments from our client’s social media pages, think to yourself, “Is my team prepared to handle this situation?”

*Disclaimer: Adult language / themes below* 


Review #1: The Political Comment


The commenter certainly didn’t like that a commercial in Spanish was being played on an English language channel. Politics is always a touchy subject and social media has become a place for people to share their opinions and vent their frustrations. While the comment might catch the business owner off-guard, on the internet these off-topic statements aren’t rare. So, how would you respond?

Review #2: Inappropriate Offsite Employee Communications


Reputation management doesn’t begin and end during the workday. Sometimes employees can be unprofessional and rude in their private interactions with customers. Every smartphone can screenshot and in a matter of seconds the character and perception of your business could be badly damaged publicly. This is one of the many reasons it’s important to have a social media and even a customer interaction policy for your business.  We can help you maintain a positive reputation by alerting you to public posts and helping you resolve the situation and salvage potential customers.


Review #3: Bad Employees, Bad Problems.


Sometimes comments are off-topic and borderline slanderous. This type of comment can have a negative impact on your business. How would you respond?

If you’re struggling to come up with appropriate responses to these comments, you’re not alone.  Digital Air Strike™ works with thousands of businesses and helps them maintain and improve their online reputations. We’ve created best practices that help our clients turn negative reviews into 5-star outcomes and even remove comments from review sites.

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