3 Huge Technology Trends That Will Reshape Business in 2018

3 Huge Technology Trends That Will Reshape Business in 2018

3 Huge Technology Trends That Will Reshape Business in 2018

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Businesses that want to rise above the competition in 2018 will need to completely rethink the traditional, one-size-fits-all conversion funnel that stops at the point of sale. To succeed, businesses must drive customer engagement throughout the entire customer journey by using Big Data and A.I. to bridge online and offline consumer interactions with your business into strategic action plans for improvement.

This means creating hyper-personalized and individualized online consumer experiences with technology that delight customers and turn them into your most lucrative advertisers.

Technology Trend #1: Hyper-Personalization

What if you could create a customized website experience for every single customer that caters to his or her unique wants and needs? We call this “hyper-personalization.” With hyper-personalization, a consumer interaction with your business can immediately become individualized before any personal information is exchanged. Technology like Big Data and A.I will enable businesses to compile data from public profiles and proprietary data sources to piece together a sales pitch specific to each customer.

Technology Trend #2: A.I. Insights

It’s great to have one customer in your pocket, but it’s far more valuable to create advocates that become your best advertisers. Customer service will drive advocacy by leveraging A.I. to create strategic action plans for improvements. With the help of A.I. assistance, your business can have its own personal data scientist organize and analyze all the online and offline interactions with your business. Data is going to be plentiful, which makes it tough to analyze. A.I. takes the manpower and work out of breaking down the details that will provide your business with the strategic action plan needed to establish, maintain, and increase a healthy customer base.

Technology Trend #3: Smart Assistants

Smart Assistant technology is going to completely change the landscape of social media communication in 2018. Feedback shows people enjoy talking to A.I.-powered Smart Assistants more than humans and rules-based bots. Essentially, Smart Assistants are the perfect blend of bot and human interaction. Rules-based bots are programmed to only recognize key words in communication and are quick to frustrate customers looking to connect with your business. Humans can make people feel pressured or guilty in ways that a smart bot would not. Using these tools to keep open, unpressured, and efficient lines of communication throughout the day and night are going to be crucial weapons in your sales arsenal in 2018.

A pioneer in digital response—we’re on the forefront of these trends. In 2018, Digital Air Strike™ partners will benefit from enhanced customer personalization from Mobile Review Surge(R) and cross-product integrations with Mission Control that will transform it into a hub for monitoring and analyzing the entire customer journey. We also have big plans for A.I. powered Smart Assistants and are more excited than ever to unveil new technology that helps our partners strike fast, market well, and sell more.

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