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3 Ways to Sell More Cars This Grad Season

3 Ways to Sell More Cars This Grad Season

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With nearly $200 billion to spend in 2017 – the Millennial generation is poised to be the most lucrative generation in the automotive market today. Constantly connected – and armed with more information than any previous generation – it’s never been more important for your dealership’s reputation to shine online. We’ve gathered three findings from our 2016 Automotive Social Media Trend Study to prepare your business for the Millennial mind and sell more cars during this graduation season!

#StrikeFast. #MarketWell. #SellMore.

We asked our audience of Millennial car buyers: “Would a faster and a more informational response including price, multiple vehicle options and lease vs. buy comparisons make you want to work with one dealership over another that did not include these details in their response?” The survey showed that close to 50% millennials would prefer a faster and more detailed response.

If your dealership is slow to reply or doesn’t provide the detailed type of quote discussed above, you could be losing out on Millennial customers that expect a high and speedy level of customer service on the web. Make sure to visit our previous blog: Top 10 Lead response Best Practices for more tips on how to streamline your lead response.

Focus on the Top 5 review sites for researching dealership reviews.

Millennials from our survey ranked the following review sites as their go-to for researching dealers like you:

  1. Cars.com
  2. KBB.com
  3. Google Reviews
  4. Autotrader.com
  5. Yelp

After reading this blog, immediately go to these five sites and check your dealership’s reputation. Seriously. Ensure your contact details are consistent, you have at least a 4-star rating, and there are customers actively commenting about your awesome service. If any of these minimum requirements are not met – the appeal of your dealership could suffer in the eyes of a Millennial consumer.

Create a positive mobile experience.

A recent study conducted by Forbes and Elite Daily found 87% of Millennials are constantly connected – using up to three smart devices a day. Our study found that 80% of Millennials used a mobile device to search for or read reviews about a dealership. All of the major search engines give priority to local search results and use reviews to help determine ranking among businesses and their competitors. Not getting reviews on Google or Yelp (Yelp is partnered with Apple Maps) could cost your dealership dearly with this audience of mobile first consumers.

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