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3 Ways to Stuff Your Pipeline with New Leads

3 Ways to Stuff Your Pipeline with New Leads

The holiday retail season is a make or break time for many businesses. Use these three lead generation techniques to stuff your sales pipeline, and leave it feeling uncomfortably full.

1.) Facebook Lead Ads

We find that consumers reward businesses with their personal information at a higher rate when businesses create simplified user experiences.

With Facebook lead ads, potential customers can sign up for what you’re offering without leaving the Facebook app, and you’ll get accurate contact info to follow up with them.

When potential customers see your ad on Facebook, they can sign up for more info or request something from your business—such as price estimates, newsletters, product demos, test drives and much more.

2.) Promotional Giveaway

Facebook Lead Ad + Promotional Giveaway = Even More Leads

We understand, running a promotional giveaway – especially for something really cool like a trip – can be a lot of work.

· What should your business give away?

· Who’s going to run the contest?

· Are there legal considerations?

Good thing we know a great company (hint, hint) that runs national contests for businesses nationwide and takes care of all the legwork.

3.) Personalized Lead Response for Auto Dealerships

This isn’t your Grandad’s lead response.

We’re talking highly personalized messages delivered automagically from your dealership’s CRM that does a lot of the tedious work for you, so that you can focus on closing deals.

Sure, adding a first name is fun, but we’re talking professional and customized multi-vehicle price quotes in less than 10 minutes, 24/7. A quote can be reviewed before it goes out, and it’s easy to communicate with customers when they’re primed to buy or service their car.

Don’t skimp on lead response! You’ll regret spending money for more leads if you don’t have lead response figured out first.

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