4 Simple Steps to Master Facebook Advertising for Your Business

4 Simple Steps to Master Facebook Advertising for Your Business

4 Simple Steps to Master Facebook Advertising for Your Business

Facebook advertising is an incredibly efficient way for businesses to find customers based on their activities, behaviors and “likes” on the social site. The ads take advantage of Facebook’s already existing user base and pair your content with people who are most likely to act on it.  Here are four simple steps to master Facebook advertising.

1. Decide if Facebook fits your business’s target market. 

 Make sure you understand Facebook’s advertising platform and consult a professional to make sure your target audience is there. Here are a few targeting options you can use to get started:  

  • Saved Audience: Use Facebook’s Audience Builder to help define your target audience’s location, demographic, and interests and learn how much it will cost to reach them.  
  • Look-a-like Audience: Target people like your current email subscribers and customer lists with ads on Facebook by using a look-a-like audience.  
  • Retargeting Audience: A highly effective targeting technique, Facebook Retargeting delivers ads to “window shoppers” that visited your website recently.  
  • Direct Mail Campaigns: Reach people at both their physical and digital locations by uploading your mailing contact details into Facebook to target them on the social site.

2. Understand your options, choose what works best for your business, and master it

If you’re on board with Facebook as a marketing tool, the next step is to understand their wide variety of advertising options. Here’s a breakdown of the main online advertising tools Facebook offers: 

  • Post Promotion: When you create a post on your corporate Facebook account, you can pay a per-person fee to distribute the content to a wider audience. For a small boost, prices can be as low as $5.  
  • Photo/Video: The simplest option on the list, these ads are classic single-photo and single-video ads that run in a user’s feed or in a sidebar.  
  • Carousel: These ads give you the option to include up to 10 photos that users slide through. They are larger than single-photo ads and more expensive.  
  • Facebook Lead Ads: Facebook’s lead ads allow people on mobile to auto-fill forms – in just a few taps – with their Facebook contact information, making it incredibly easy for customers to send you their information without leaving Facebook.

3. Create a specific Facebook advertising budget.

Facebook advertising is incredibly affordable and highly targeted – very different from traditional media buys and even Google PPC. Instead of increasing your budget to include Facebook, allocate a portion of your existing budget to Facebook advertising.  Track and measure the results and compare them to your other ad spends.  Test different ad formats. Once you see the results you want, increase your ad spend.  Refine your marketing strategy to hit the locations and ages that responded to your “calls to action”. Assess which types of content – image, video, slideshow – captured your viewers’ attention and dedicate time to creating more of it. Above all, don’t be afraid to take your time and really think about how you can improve your Facebook strategy.  

4. Monitor your ads.

As mentioned previously, you really want to look at the data Facebook provides to measure your results. You also want to make sure you are checking your ads for comments and questions from the people who viewed them. Consider the questions and comments as leads from interested shoppers. Be sure to hide the comments that are not beneficial to your business. 

These four steps will help you get a head start with Facebook advertising. If you need extra help and expertise, let us know! We manage ad campaigns for thousands of businesses and can help you connect with your customers on Facebook. Remember, your online reputation is insurance for every dollar you spend on any advertising, so make sure potential customers see they will get a 5-star experience with your business. Take a quick demo by filling out the form below and we’ll show you what we can do.

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