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4 Strategies That Sell on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

4 Strategies That Sell on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

Are you using Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger to their full potential? Gabrielle Garrison from Facebook’s Automotive Global Sales team joined one of our recent webinars to share insight into how auto dealers can reach more customers on the social sites.

With about 70 percent of the media consumption of a dealership’s audience being online, it makes sense that dealerships spend more on digital advertising than traditional ads; but how that budget is spent and the targeting that goes along with it makes a big difference in the results received.

Make sure to watch the full webinar to get a sample media plan to capitalize on your digital advertising, but here are four ways to grab your car shopper at every stage of the buying process

1. Events
Posting about promotions, sponsorships, and on-site deals and events that you’re offering is a great way to reach more people and draw more customers into your dealership.

2. Ready to Buy
Use targeting to reach in-market customers, those who’ve visited your website, or have Facebook activity that indicates they’d be your ideal customers. Make it easy for consumers by directing them to a landing page with multiple vehicle options and ultimately your VDPs.

3. Why Buy Here?
In-market car buyers who may have decided on a vehicle but not where to buy it do a great deal of online research. Get them to your dealership by showcasing why they should buy from you instead of the competitor down the street. Promote your brand, reputation, and the kind of customer experience you provide.

4. Customers for Life
By keeping those who purchase vehicles from you coming back for service, you are capitalizing on a group that you’re already familiar with – your existing customers. CRM remarketing is key at this stage.

See how you can use these strategies and more to cut one-third of your media budget and sell the same number of vehicles, if not more. Also check out how one dealership sold 81 cars in month at a cost of just $4.32 per vehicle. Request a copy of the presentation, here.

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