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5 Big Social Media Stories You’ve Missed

5 Big Social Media Stories You’ve Missed

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Like the world around us, social media is ever-changing and it’s important to stay in the loop. Here are 5 stories you may have missed that you should absolutely know! 

1. Facebook re-launches its Events app as Facebook Local.  

Facebook realized that every time people go out, it is not necessarily an event. So, they re-branded their Events app to feature more places like restaurants, bars and other local businesses. The plan for the new app is to help people find places to go with friends much like the ratings website Yelp.  

Facebook already has a track record of co-opting ideas and features from other companies and succeeding. This is an update that business owners should keep an eye on. A healthy amount of people use the internet to find local businesses. Facebook’s large user base could turn to Facebook Local over other websites and you want to make sure your business is prepared to adapt to it.

2. Facebook launched a new interactive polling system that incorporates gifs. 

The internet has a healthy obsession with gifs and they can be a powerful way to grab attention. Polls and questions are already a great way to increase engagement on social media and the new polling system is more eye-catching.

The update gives businesses a fun way to find out what their fans and customers think about something while generating engagement on their pages.   

3. You can now cross post your Instagram stories on Facebook. 

This story closely relates to the Instagram Stories update. You can now post your Instagram Stories directly onto Facebook. The Facebook Stories function was recently opened to business pages and can be used to reach more fans on Facebook. 

Currently, there aren’t a lot of people posting to Facebook Stories, but this could be an opportunity for companies to become more visible on the platform while its user base grows.

4. Instagram now lets you choose who can comment on your posts.  

This update now makes it easy for businesses to get rid of negative and offensive comments on their Instagram pictures. However, this new update isn’t just about deleting comments. It also lets businesses block certain accounts and groups from commenting, allowing companies to put their best foot forward on the platform. 

5. Twitter increases its post character count from 140 to 280.  

How does this affect you? The obvious benefit is that it lets businesses add more context to posts. This doesn’t mean that companies should go wild and use all 280 characters in every post though. 

The hidden benefit is it allows business to better address the issues of customers. The new character count means you don’t have to shorten responses to customer issues where, in many cases, context is important.

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