5 Excellent Reasons Your Customers Want to Chat (and How it Can Change Your Business)

5 Excellent Reasons Your Customers Want to Chat (and How it Can Change Your Business)

5 Excellent Reasons Your Customers Want to Chat (and How it Can Change Your Business)

The way people communicate has changed. Did you know 89% of consumers prefer messaging over phone calls or email? The average consumer uses three messaging apps and sends more than two messages per hour, making messaging the most popular way to communicate. Here are five reasons you should implement intelligent messaging into your business:

Reason #1: Chat is Fast and Efficient

Being able to send an instant message and receive an instant answer goes a long way in securing the sale of a product. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer. Would you rather receive an e-mail with potentially long gaps of time between responses or play phone tag? No, you’d rather chat live and receive quick answers to your questions. Speed and efficiency are benefits for businesses too, as AI-powered chat can handle early-stage communication so your team can focus on the interactions that make the sale.

Reason #2: The Customer Experiences Less Pressure with Chat

Chat is all about the customer’s needs. It’s about making sure the customer’s requests are addressed and much of this can be done through AI-powered messaging which ask qualifying questions and ultimately, if necessary, route the conversation to a human. But think about simple tasks like making an appointment or checking inventory. These are tasks that can be accomplished with the help of AI and without the customer feeling pressure, which is one of the reasons many consumers love messaging.

Reason #3: Little to No Hold Time

Phone lines get tied up quickly. A customer service representative can only assist one person on the phone at a time. With AI-powered chat, the intelligent assistants can engage with an essentially unlimited number of people and on many different platforms – your website, Facebook Messenger, and text – at once. This basically eliminates the wait time for the customer which translates into a better customer experience and much stronger selling atmosphere for your business.

Reason #4: Chat Provides Privacy

Sometimes when customers are inquiring about your product or service, they want to do it somewhat anonymously and without providing contact information. With AI-powered chat, customers can ask questions and check product or appointment availability without ever speaking to someone or providing their email address. Some customers may not want to send an email or call a business because they fear being inundated with follow-up emails and calls.

Reason #5:  Chat = Less Room for Error

Assisting a customer over the phone opens more avenues for missed information.  With chat, a transcript of each interaction is maintained within the platform so that your team can use it and refer back to it. AI-powered chat can also provide a personalized message to returning visitors based on their previous activity to accelerate the sales process.

Implementing AI-powered chat can do wonders for your business. Wondering how to get started? Check out our free, 30-minute webinars to learn more or fill out the form below to take a 10-minute demo today!

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