The 5 Most Important Online Reputation Management Rules

The 5 Most Important Online Reputation Management Rules

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Almost every consumer researches your business online and isn’t just looking at star ratings. In fact, 90% of consumers read online reviews about your business on social media and review sites, and 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The online reputation of your business can be an incredible asset or a devastating liability.

Consumers aren’t just reading your reviews, they’re also reading how you respond to the reviews–both good and bad.

Here are the 5 most important online reputation management rules every business should follow:

1. Respond to reviews quickly. Don’t let reviews and comments on your social posts go unaddressed for months or even weeks. To consumers, this comes across as a lack of regard for your customers and their concerns.

2. Be polite. Manners matter, especially when it comes to your online reputation. Make sure to respond politely and respectfully–no matter how rude or disrespectful the reviews/comments may seem.

3. Take the discussion offline. Don’t get into an argument online. It will come across as defensive. Instead, offer the name and phone number of the highest level of contact at your business who can resolve the issue.

4. Don’t make offers of restitution online. Don’t offer any refund or attempt to remedy the situation online as others may assume they can get free stuff just by complaining and writing a bad review.

5. Say “thank you”. Remember a positive review is a compliment. If someone pays you a compliment in person, you say “thank you”. Same rules apply online. It’s important for others to know that you appreciate your customers and their feedback.

Consumers respond well to businesses that are concerned about their online reputations and offer genuine responses to feedback. Sign up for our newsletter below for more important tips and strategies, or request a demo to see why 3,000+ businesses partner with us for social media marketing and online reputation management!

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