7 Strategies for Hiring Horribly And Hurting Your Bottom Line

7 Strategies for Hiring Horribly And Hurting Your Bottom Line

7 Strategies for Hiring Horribly And Hurting Your Bottom Line

Finding top talent is tough. Hiring horribly isn’t. We’re sharing seven hiring mistakes we see businesses consistently make in order to help you avoid the same fate as you assemble your future hiring strategy. 

1. Keep Candidates in the Dark

Disregard the fact that the average job seeker utilizes about 8 reviews sites to research companies before applying. Don’t share any of your great benefits and completely ignore your reviews and ratings on employer review sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed.  It’s a great strategy.

2. Don’t Offer a Referral Program

Whatever you do, don’t incentivize employees to recommend future job candidates. That will only lower hiring costs. Businesses that hire efficiently leverage their internal team to find talent and offer a reward for candidate retention.

3. Show Up to Interviews Unprepared

Making a terrible first impression starts by showing up to an interview flying blind. Employers that hire well know the importance of selling themselves to candidates that have more options than ever in today’s job market.

4. Don’t Trust Your Gut

Getting the wrong vibe during an interview? Just ignore it.  Experienced hiring managers trust their gut and the process. If candidates seem uninterested and haven’t researched your business beforehand, these are red flags.

5. Disregard Your Culture

Really want to cause chaos within your ranks? A great recipe for this is to ignore the relationship factors that build strong teams and hire solely based on individual performance.

6. Ignore Benefits

The best way to turn off millennial, tech-savvy talent is to offer uncompetitive benefits. A recent Glassdoor study showed 90% of millennials prefer benefits over salary raises. Companies that hire well know employees want a bright future and help them achieve it!

7. Skip Measuring Your Hiring ROI

Do you know how much you spend on hiring? Has employee turnover increased or decreased in the last 6 months? Businesses with strong hiring processes and strategies can answer these questions easily and test methods to improve overall retention.  

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