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9 Facts: Why Your Google Business Profile Matters

9 Facts: Why Your Google Business Profile Matters

Did you know that Facebook has removed the ability to automatically add live inventory to Facebook Marketplace? However, dealers will still be able to showcase their new and used vehicles to Facebook’s huge audience of consumers through a live feed on the dealership’s Facebook business profile where in-market shoppers can search inventory, get vehicle-specific details, and click through to VDPs.

Now comes even more great news!

Digital Air Strike has partnered with Google for over a decade and now has the ability to syndicate a dealership’s inventory directly to their Google Business Profile. Learn more about this new feature here or read on about how your Google Business Profile can increase visibility through local search and connect your dealership with new consumers.

Understanding consumer behavior online can help you increase awareness and connect you to new audiences.

  1. 1 in 2 people who conduct local online searches will visit a store that day since 84% of searches are discovery searches. 16% of businesses with Google Business Profiles receive 100+ calls per month from their profile
  2. 76% of people who do a “near me” search on a mobile device are more inclined to visit the business within a day. Companies are 70% more likely to attract local visits from browsers.
  3. 49% of businesses will get more than 1,000 views from searchers each month. Google Business Profiles have a very high number of searches each month, including Google maps.

So, why have a profile on Google? The short answer is a Google Business Profile instantly shares information with potential customers, boosts your brand’s appeal with reviews, and increases traffic and sales. Adwords is fantastic; however, a Google business listing is free, allowing you to have an additional, cost-effective way to promote your business through search.

People regularly read online reviews, which creates trust in a business and accelerates the decision-making process. Reviews are some of the most critical assets on your Google Business Profile page based on:

  1. 91% of consumers regularly read online reviews, including both positive and negative thoughts, which influence a consumer’s decision to purchase or do business with your dealership or not.
  2. 68% of people make decisions after reading 1-6 online reviews. Create and maintain a process that encourages customers to leave good reviews.
  3. 380% is the increase in conversion rate when reviews are displayed for higher-priced products. The likelihood of that same product being purchased increases by 270% when it has five reviews.

Make sure your business is engaging and responding to reviews, especially the negative ones. How a business responds to their reviews also increases customer engagement and the likelihood of consumers choosing your business.

Another important note when managing your Google Business Profile page is making sure that you curate the right photos, videos, and user-generated content. Did you know that adding a smile in a photo can increase sales, and aligning images with copy has been known to boost revenue?

  1. 60% of consumers prefer images that enable them to have a 360-degree view of the product. Consumers also want to see multiple photos, and less than 1% of consumers only want to see a single image.
  2. 46 is the average number of photos car dealerships should have in their Google Business Profile listing. Adding product videos where consumers can visually experience the dealership, service department, or vehicle will dramatically increase visits and sales.
  3. 45% is the increase in form fills when a business switches from stock photos to actual photos. Images are compelling, and our brains process images faster than text; having real photos adds credibility and a personality to your online business listing.

Car dealerships rank third in the highest number of phone calls and website visits from their Google Business Profile. Ensure that your business has a well-maintained Google Business page leveraging all aspects of what engages consumers the most.

Your dealership and service department can stand apart from the dealer down the street through search, local listings, images, videos, and reviews. Make sure your dealership’s contact information and hours are updated. Include any special offers, promotions, or safety precautions you want to be listed that set you apart from the competition. Most importantly, make sure your live inventory is front and center on your Google Business Profile.

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