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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand… Car Sales

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Dealers have a new way to show off the beauty of their vehicles and target in-market customers through ads on photo-focused mobile app Instagram. The Facebook-owned company recently opened its ads to businesses – big and small.

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Why dealers care:

  • Instagram carefully developed its advertising model with sponsored images and videos as well as tools for delivery and measurement to ensure dealers are getting the kind of ad conversion they have come to expect from Facebook
  • More effective targeting, to enable brands to reach the right users, has been introduced thanks to the opening up of Facebook-developed tools for business
  • With Instagram, companies can expand their reach and ability to target their prospects and clients
  • Instagram ads allow you to drive traffic directly to your offers with a call-to-action button
  • The majority of Instagram users are under the age of 35 – making this platform an ideal way to reach millennials
  • Just like with Facebook ads, content engagement is a side benefit of the ads
  • Instagram is predicted to outsell Google and Twitter when it comes to display ads


How DAS can help:

  • Digital Air Strike’s team of seasoned professionals understands how to leverage the full array of social networks including Instagram, helping clients expand their digital footprint in order to connect with more people across the web
  • Digital Air Strike’s social advertising team has close relationships with Instagram’s parent company Facebook. Clients taking advantage of our managed services will benefit from the relationship, gaining access to the latest tools and strategies before they roll out to the general public, giving our dealer clients the competitive edge over their competition

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