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How Auto Dealers Can Sell More Cars on Facebook Marketplace

How Auto Dealers Can Sell More Cars on Facebook Marketplace

Did you know Facebook Marketplace is the world’s #1 shopping site? It is also an increasingly convenient choice for customers based on their proximity to the goods they are interested in buying. For your dealership, this tool will push vehicles off your lot and into the hands of nearby car buyers.

Generate Leads with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Marketplace is the wheel that drives a customer to your website. Facebook Messenger is the gas pedal that accelerates the actual sale.  Did you know 2 billion messages are exchanged between consumers and businesses each month? Further, over 50% of consumers reported being more likely to shop with a business they can directly message rather than call. If your dealership is not monitoring Facebook Messenger daily, you could be missing out on sales opportunities!

Fuse Facebook Messenger with A.I. Technology

Does keeping track of hundreds or thousands of inquiries from potential customers sound overwhelming? Thankfully, A.I. technology will remove the need for initial correspondences to be managed by human operators. A chat bot can ask qualifying questions, interact with a customer, and notify a sales agent when the buyer is ready to progress with the sale. This allows your dealership to nurture potential sales without devoting manpower by pulling sales agents away from more progressed leads.

Stay in Front of Interested Car Buyers

Thanks to the new advertising feature on Facebook Marketplace, targeting interested car buyers is easy. Running an ad on Facebook Marketplace allows you to track the pages a customer has clicked, along with the specific VDPs they visited. Leads that were once easily lost are now effectively held onto when using this feature.

As the #1 social site, Facebook advertising will help you sell more. Learn more about how this ad tool can help your auto dealership.

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