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Automotive Digital Marketing

Automotive Digital Marketing

Your automotive dealership will increasingly rely upon digital marketing to thrive in the online era. As people make decisions about where to shop for cars through internet searches, having a good automotive digital marketing strategy will count in keeping you ahead of the competition. Here are some of the best tips we can offer to give your dealership the edge.

Work on your SEO strategy

When you are working on your digital marketing, remember that most people will find your business through search engine results. Thus, having a good multi-pronged SEO strategy will make your  dealership more visible to potential leads. There are several ways to do this.

For example, as Google is the dominant search engine, it pays to claim your Google My Business presence, putting in the relevant information your customers need. It will strengthen your organic SEO, especially if customers perform searches tagged to your local area of business.

Make your website mobile-friendly and attractive

Because it is likely that Google will index the mobile version of your website above the desktop version in search results, having a mobile-optimized website is key to automotive digital marketing. At the same time, it recognizes the reality that most people use their smartphones when seeking information quickly. Your website should be useful in mobile to enable potential leads to find the answers – – or cars – – they’re looking for.

Engage with customers on social media

Social media search results for your business also count for a lot these days. If you make the time to nurture your social media presence through effective engagement, people looking for cars will see that your business is ready to help them make an informed choice. Automotive digital marketing will require you to be on social media a lot or partner with experts like Digital Air Strike to manage it for you.

At the same time, social media engagement builds a community of customers who will be happy to support your business. They will see your dealership as a trustworthy partner whether going through the sales or service process. They will be happy to refer others to your business and give you feedback to improve. It encourages customers to work with you to meet their automotive needs. Facebook is one of the best places you can engage with your customers. Here are 10 facts that will help you market your dealership.

Moreover, getting instant feedback, both positive and negative, can help your business do better. That’s where the next tip comes in.

Practice good online reputation management

When you are dealing with feedback either on social media or on review sites online, you will often find negative reviews. What people see will affect their perception of your business. How you deal with those reviews matters in helping people perceive your dealership more positively.

Automotive digital marketing through online reputation management means that a business should respond to negative feedback in an honest, professional, and polite way. Even if the comment evidently is unfounded, most people will be reasonable enough to appreciate that a business reached out to them about their complaint. An honest response to their concerns with an interest in resolving a situation can turn even the most negative reviewer into a fan.

There are simple strategies focused on search that will help improve your online reputation and improve your automotive digital marketing. Here are 5 steps to grow your business’s online reputation using Google My business.

These are just some of the automotive digital marketing tips we can offer. Want more? Request a free Intel Report today which includes a custom analysis of your business’ online presence plus quick tips to fix what we find. Get yours today, here.

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