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Boost Clicks and Conversions on Facebook.

Boost Clicks and Conversions on Facebook.

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You may have already seen the ads on your Facebook page that include several scrolling images. The new multi-product or “carousel ads” are one of the latest offerings from Facebook.
The ads showcase 3-5 products within a single ad unit. Each product highlighted has its own image, description and click target that directs people off of Facebook to a specific location on your website.


Why you care:

  • Now you can feature more products, services and promotions in News Feeds without having to create multiple ads.
  • Multi-product ads are a highly engaging and visually rich way to increase sales and grow your business.
  • More than 1.3 billion people check their News Feeds on average of 14 times per day. For that reason, Facebook provides an incredible opportunity for you to capture the attention of people you want to reach and drive them to your website on any device.
  • Boost clicks and conversions while highlighting more aspects of your business.

How DAS can help:

  • Digital Air Strike™ gained early access to the new ad format and began testing them for several pilot dealers, we are always evaluating the latest ad formats for our clients in order to maximize ROI and leverage the best that each platform has to offer.
  • Digital Air Strike™ offers managed advertising services at flexible price points to help clients reach more customers.
  • Our team of experts has extensive knowledge helping clients maximize results and their advertising dollars spent.

This latest offering by Facebook is just another reason dealers need Digital Air Strike™. We’ve eliminated the learning curve and keep our clients from wasting time and money trying to figure out how to run these complex ad campaigns on their own. With Digital Air Strike™ you hit the ground running.

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