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Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget – Selling Cars in a Tight Economy

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1)     What do car shoppers want today?

Many customers have “Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget”.  If they submit a lead for a “Limited” and they see the price is out of their range, we like to provide them options for a Sport, Base and pre-owned vehicles. When the consumer has more options, they won’t disregard the vehicle or most importantly the dealership. The ResponseLogix® SmartQuote® gives the BDC representatives more time to make their follow-up calls, answer incoming calls and gives them a reason to call and discuss the options given to set the appointment. Today’s Internet Shopper is very educated on exactly what vehicle they are looking for.  Unfortunately, consumers are still under the impression that the mark-up on vehicles are “thousands” of dollars and can get a $45k vehicle for $30k.

2)     Since being at Maplecrest Ford Lincoln of Union, what changes have you seen since implementing ResponseLogix?

Increase in Business!!! When I joined Maplecrest Ford Lincoln in February, the BDC was selling less than 20 units a month, and they had a quote response rate of over 3 ½ hours! Now the BDC is accountable for 75% of the business with a 3 minute response time!

3)     What do you do to keep response times down and respond quickly to leads?

The BDC reps are required to call all new leads within 10 minutes after the delivery of the SmartQuote.  If they are not called in that time frame, the leads are re-assigned to a BDC rep that is available.  During lunch breaks, the BDC rep will be removed from rotation. We always offer our customers options that are in their price range. I also monitor all incoming leads. If they are not answered to whom they were assigned, the lead is given to another available rep.

4)     Your family and the family image are important to you and to how you do business at Maplecrest Ford, why?

Being a single mom in the automotive industry can be very challenging! Throughout the past six years, I have been very blessed to work with wonderful auto groups that see the importance of having a balance between work and a family. I am a firm believer in teaching my children that you can do anything you want no matter what your situation.  Motivation, determination and having a positive attitude will allow you to do anything you wish.

Maribeth Woodford is the BDC manager at Maplecrest Ford Lincoln in Union, NJ.

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Interview by Jeremy Lipps, social media coordinator at ResponseLogix. @Lipps_RLogix


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