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7 Cheap & Easy Video Editing Apps for Your Business

7 Cheap & Easy Video Editing Apps for Your Business

Making videos doesn’t always have to be a big production. It can actually be pretty easy when using the right app. In fact, most people are already holding in their hands the power to create fun and engaging videos. Mobile phones these days come equipped with cutting-edge cameras that produce clear, high definition videos; and many have built-in effects like time-lapse and slow-motion as well. Add to these capabilities the power of video editing apps, and you have everything you need to easily hit record and create some magic.

So, with all this technology sitting in your pocket, why not put it to use when crafting your next video ad? Now, you’re probably thinking: “You’re crazy! I can’t shoot my next TV spot on my phone!” Well, you’re right. There’s a time and place for big budget productions, and television ads necessitate a more polished look. However, advertising on social media doesn’t always require such a formal approach. And, with more and more advertising dollars being allocated to sites like YouTube and Facebook, you may be just an app download away from creating the next internet video sensation.

We recently created a video for one of our clients for a Facebook campaign that ended up getting close to 27,000 views at just $0.03 per click and raising more than $10,000 for a local children’s hospital as part of a charitable campaign.

Ready to get started? We’ve put together a list of cheap (or free) video editing apps that are easy to use and can help take your video idea from concept to view counts in no time.

Listed alphabetically:

  1. Adobe Premiere Clip –Adobe Premiere Clip allows you to use video adjustments, filters, and fade-in/fade-out options to give your video a cohesive, professional touch. You can also add music. Available on iTunes or Google Play.
  2. FilmoraGo – Outstanding text effects combine with colorful filters and creative overlays to help Filmora stand out from the rest of the editing apps. There a LOT of options that allow you to make an artistic and appealing video. Available on iTunes or Google Play.
  3. KineMaster – One of the better options for (only) Android, KineMaster is easy to learn and has lots of options including selecting a title and theme. Available only on Google Play.
  4. Magisto – This app takes your videos and photos and automatically creates a video for you. You just choose the clips, the video style, the music and the length of the video. The results are pretty creative but don’t allow for any tweaks. Available on iTunes or Google Play.
  5. Quik – Fairly simple to work with, Quik walks you through the process of selecting video clips, choosing themes, and picking music. From there, you can add a title, trim the video clips, and even add filters. Quik will also splice your clips based off the music you choose. Available on iTunes or Google Play.
  6. Splice – One of the better iOS (only) apps, Splice gives you complete control over your video creation. The project setup process is simple to navigate, and after initiating the project, there are loads of customizations at your fingertips and is almost like using a desktop video editor. Available on iTunes.
  7. YouTube Director – This is perhaps the most unique app in the bunch because its sole focus is creating video ads for small businesses. YouTube Director takes all of the guesswork out of filming your next video ad because it actually walks you through the filming within the app. You can choose from many different business type templates, and YouTube Director provides a storyboard and tutorial of every scene.

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