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New Powerful Facebook Ad Metrics To Use Today

New Powerful Facebook Ad Metrics To Use Today

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Globally, businesses are benefiting from the fierce fight for digital advertising dollars. With competition comes innovation, and over the past year we’ve reported on a flurry of new channels and methods for targeting and delivering content.

However, it’s results that really matter.

Social media platforms like Facebook know the type of questions digital marketers face from executive teams and recently unveiled new reporting features that provide better, more accurate insight into the performance of any given campaign.

One such metric for Facebook Ads is called “landing page views,” which reports the number of users that actually made it to a landing page after clicking on an ad. This metric should help businesses better gauge the health of their Facebook to website visitor experience. For example, a business could use this metric, along with ad clicks, to determine the rate of clickers that never make it to the landing page. If the difference is high – you may not have an advertising problem, but a website problem.

Other new metrics include a breakdown of folks who previously interacted with your website or app that click on an ad, the growth or decline of followers, and the number of times a page has been included as part of someone’s recommendations.

So, are you ready to take your social media advertising to the next level? Along with killer content and creative, we provide our clients with some of the most advanced reporting out there. To get started — drop us a line using the form below!

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