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Facebook Ads Coming to Messenger

Facebook Ads Coming to Messenger

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What is it?

Facebook plans to launch ads in Messenger as soon as Q2 of 2016. The new medium for ad delivery will provide a different form of targeting than what most advertisers are used to. The unique advertising model will only allow businesses to be able to send ads as messages to customers and prospects that previously initiated a chat thread with the company.

Why we should care?

Businesses that actively engage with their customers through a chat thread will now be able to retarget these customers through an ad message. This highly targeted format is expected to drive better conversion ratios than a typical ad format, and gives those businesses that actively respond to customer messages on Facebook a leg up over their competition.

How DAS can help?

DAS has extensive experience managing monthly Facebook ad campaigns for over 1,000 clients that get real results.

DAS actively monitors and responds to customer messages on social sites such as Facebook. Facebook now displays business response rates and customers are more likely to engage in a direct message/chat conversation with a business that shows high response rates with a quick response time.

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