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Facebook Jobs: Hiring Made Easier

Facebook Jobs: Hiring Made Easier

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Facebook has recently released a new feature to make hiring easier for businesses. The feature is conveniently available as a bookmark labeled “Jobs” which will be displayed on the Facebook page of your business. Did you know about 40% of businesses reported greater than expected difficulty in filling jobs? Here at Digital Air Strike™, we expect this tool will greatly aide businesses in filling jobs with qualified candidates.

Since your business is already connected with people on Facebook, and those people are interested in your industry, consider taking the additional step and recruit your existing audience for job openings! Unsure how to start using this tool? We have some tips for you.

Easy as One, Two, Three

Tip #1: Reach the Right Candidates

۰ Share your job post because shares = more exposure and reach of potential candidates.

۰ Post this opening to a group and gain exposure from the local community.

۰ Consider boosting your job post to gain control of location and education/work experience requirements to find the most qualified candidates.


Tip #2: Respond to All Applicants

۰ As with regular social engagement, make sure to respond to all applicants. To be time efficient, create saved replies in Messenger.

۰ Once you hire someone, notify other applicants and mark the job post as closed.


Tip #3: Try Using Video for Effective Screening

۰ Asking applicants to provide a quick “About Me” video along with their application is a great way to learn about potential hires. These can be conveyed via Messenger.

Simple and Effective

The new Facebook Jobs bookmark not only makes life easier for businesses, it also creates a more seamless experience for applicants. When a prospective candidate clicks to apply, Facebook will fill out the form with pre-populated information from the user. On the business end, much of the convenience comes from being able to review and contact applications all in one place and on the go! All steps of the hiring process can all be completed in Facebook’s Messenger tool.

We’ve spent years perfecting the art of broadcasting the right message, to the right audience, at the right time on social media. Get top tips for using social and career sites to find your next employees and for making sure what they read about you online makes them want to work for you! Register for our free webinar, here.

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