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Facebook Messenger Makes Customer Communication Easier

Facebook Messenger Makes Customer Communication Easier

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Communication is vital to any business. In today’s technology-driven and connected world, customers demand easy and immediate communication.

When Facebook Messenger began to streamline its methods for businesses, it had those intentions in mind. However, those intentions didn’t translate into an easy-to-use format.

The latest update to Facebook Messenger gives a better experience for businesses and customers and makes communication easier. Here are some of the new features:

  • The taskbars on the sides show who the customer is giving businesses a brief summary of who they’re talking to.
  • It’s also more streamlined and businesses can mark a conversation as “done” sending that discussion to the “done” folder
  • Spam message may also be marked and filed away into the “done” folder
  • The sidebar can also be used for organizing activities such as comments, wall posts or recent reviews
  • You can also connect your Instagram account to messenger and access Messenger notifications there too

These updates will allow businesses to become accessible to any issues and notifications and provide customers with the service they expect today.

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