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Don’t Worry, Facebook’s Ad Update is Nothing to be Alarmed About

Don’t Worry, Facebook’s Ad Update is Nothing to be Alarmed About

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Facebook recently announced its plans to end sharing information with 3rd party data companies to help calm and reassure users that they take great care when it comes to personal information. Previously, Facebook appended user profiles on its platform with a variety of consumer and media consumption data collected by 3rd party providers to create advertising audiences of “likely-to-buy” consumers.  

While we are a little disappointed that this targeting option is no longer available, we aren’t worried. These audiences are available for the next 3 months and we’ve already had a broader strategy in place to keep your dealership in front of consumers ready for a new ride. Here’s how we can be so Zen about it.  

3rd Party Data Is Just One Tool  

Third-party data has been useful in some campaigns, but it’s just one of many tools in our toolkit. Sometimes it performed well, other times it didn’t, and we re-allocated the budget toward our other targeting approaches. There are no magic bullets and we have plenty of audience and targeting options at our disposal. Anyone who is freaking out about the changes may have put too much stock in paying for someone else’s data. Which leads us to point out…  

Your Own Data is More Valuable  

Did you know that first-party data audiences have some of the best conversion rates and lowest costs-per-action? You’ve worked hard to gain site visitors, email subscribers, social audiences, and different types of customers – we work hard to connect with them and others like them in everything we do. Facebook has created great tools for ethically using legitimate customer data and will continue to empower business to connect with their communities.  

Facebook Needs You to be Successful  

Facebook spends a lot of time and energy refining the user experience to be a positive, enjoyable thing for the billions who use it. That means it will always be in their interest to facilitate the best match of the right business content to the right user. If you as a business are providing things people want and need, Facebook will reward that. A library of interest-based audiences is still available, and we are confident that Facebook will continue to develop new ways to get the right content in front of the right people.  

Content Kills the Competition  

The promise of effective, sophisticated social ad platforms is the ability to match content to audience. So, targeting is important, but having the right creative will be more important than ever. Compelling copy that hits the right notes, scroll-stopping images, the right calls to action, and an eye for site and manufacturer compliance will help your ads deliver and perform. Our creative teams put their passion in action every day to help our clients shine.  

Consumers Aren’t Leaving Facebook  

Ads should be a significant part of a Dealer’s social approach, but make sure you are approaching social holistically. Is your used inventory in Facebook Marketplace? What’s your social lead response strategy? Did you know that so far this year we’ve collected more reviews for our clients on Facebook than on We’ve collected more on Facebook than on Edmunds, SureCritic and Yelp combined.   

Staying on top of the changes on social media and providing you with strategies to maximize your advertising ROI is what we do. If you’re a current Digital Air Strike™ client with questions, contact your Client Advocate for more information. Businesses interested in partnering with Digital Air Strike for social media advertising should drop us a line using the form below and we’ll be in touch ASAP. 

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