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3 Things Dealers Should Know About Football Fans and Using Geo-Targeting To Advertise to Them

3 Things Dealers Should Know About Football Fans and Using Geo-Targeting To Advertise to Them

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Football is back and fans are ready to be at the stadiums. While they’re watching the games, they’re also looking at their phones – which is where your ads should be. Advertise to fans by geo-fencing stadiums, reach an affluent audience and show your brand’s community support for local teams.

Let’s kick-off some facts about using geo-fencing to advertise to football fans:

  1. Football – it’s emotional

Sports fans connect with their favorite team. Studies show people identify more with a favorite team, and that association is more important to them than being identified with their work or other social groups. When you also acknowledge a consumer’s location, the ad increases relevance, which equals higher engagement and revenue. Be sure to include team colors in your ads and offers just for fans.

70% of spectators can correctly identify a product advertised to them at a sporting event.

  1. Beat the Competition

Athletes face competition on the field, and your dealership faces steep competition online. Make sure fans who Google your dealership after seeing your ad like what they find. Set yourself apart with more 5-star reviews than your competition and an optimized Google My Business page with updated offers, inventory, and hours.

  1. Don’t Watch from the Sidelines

Don’t stop advertising once the final whistle blows. Advertise your dealership and special offers to fans that were “cookied” at the game. Retarget them wherever they go online and when they return to the stadium. Make sure your ad is seen by high-income season ticket-holders.

47% of stadium audiences are between the ages of 18 and 34

Bonus Tip: Play the Long Game

With inventory limitations and staffing challenges, make sure you have technology that can respond to leads initially and follow up with them until the vehicles they want arrive and/or they’re ready to buy. Don’t expect your dealership “quarterback” to do it all. With customized and automated follow-up, you’ll know with one-click from the consumers when they’re ready to buy or no longer interested.

Play defense and be the only dealership that advertises to fans at college & pro football games with Digital Air Strike’s geo-targeted ads to football fans. Improve the entire customer experience with patented technology and our award-winning team. Click here to get started today.

The average household income of NFL fans is $96,000/yr.

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