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Get Actionable Feedback from Customer Surveys to Improve Service

Get Actionable Feedback from Customer Surveys to Improve Service

1. Allow Customers to Provide Actionable Feedback with a Straight-Forward Survey
Automatically send a short customer survey to anyone who makes a purchase from your business. Ask four simple questions and make it easy for customers to provide feedback without taking too much time out of their day. The final question should be an open-ended question that allows customers to offer suggestions to improve your business. This is a key question that can give your business actionable feedback. Even positive reviews can include suggestions for improvement!

2. Get Your Net Promoter Score to Understand the Success of Your Dealership
Include a question in your surveys that asks, “How likely are you to refer our business?” The answers will give you your NPS (Net Promoter Score™) / Referral score and tell you how likely someone is to refer your business to a friend. Customers can answer on a scale of 1 to 10. This score will help your business determine why one customer will refer you and another one will not, so you can use the feedback to make changes in your business as needed.

3. Generate Positive Online Reviews from Your Customers’ Survey Feedback
After a customer fills out your survey, direct those that respond positively to share their feedback on top review sites. Happy customers are more likely take the time to leave a review if you link them directly to the sites. Giving your customers this options shows them you value their feedback and allows you to improve your star ratings across the board.

4. Use Feedback to Improve Your Business
Make sure you are taking the time to go through the survey feedback and take action as needed. Track results by department and by employee to see who’s doing a great job and who might need training! Monitor your review sites for reviews and respond to positive and negative ones so others see you value customer feedback!

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